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Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializes in alternative medicines online offers its new range of medicinal plants and herbalism. Choose from a large selection of medicinal plants for your greater well-being, natural. Our medical and pharmaceutical herbalism includes dry herbal medications, at the best price, selected by our doctors in pharmacy, herbalist training.

Organic pharmacy specializing in dry medicinal plants and herbal medicine

Packaged in unit form or in blends, our therapeutic plants are delivered in double thickness kraft bags, which guarantees their original botanical, physicochemical and microbiological qualities. The dry plants of our herbalism are exclusively of pharmaceutical origin.

At care-and-nature.com, we favor the quality of the plant used : fresh plant, dry plant, resulting from Organic Agriculture or not, which conditions its content and its wealth in assets. A plant-based product must, in order to have optimal efficiency, restore all the molecular complexity of the plant which is at the origin of its therapeutic activity . Special attention must therefore be paid to the process used for the extraction of the compounds.

All our herbal and phytotherapy products are of high quality, certified and validated by a strict pharmaceutical control , from the producer to the customer.

How to treat effectively with herbalism and dried plants

Herbal medicine refers to the use of medicinal plants in all forms: herbal teas, capsules, ampoules, dry extract, liquids ... Herbalism is a term used mainly for the use of dried plants for herbal teas.

Our infusions and herbal tea BIO in bags or in bulk, are made from medicinal plant blends, provided by pharmaceutical laboratories, pledge of high quality.

The use of herbal tea allows you to enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine and herbal medicine. It consists in extracting aromatic compounds from plants by different methods of preparation such as maceration, decoction or infusion of plant material (fresh or dried flowers, stems, roots, leaves) generally in hot water.

It is important to distinguish the different uses of dried plants, namely, infusion, decoction and maceration.

  • The maceration of medicinal plants is a method of preparation which consists in placing the dried plants in water at room temperature for a few hours. This maceration consists in soaking the plant in cold water for several hours (less than 10 hours because, beyond, there is a risk of fermentation). After filtration, you can slightly cool the drink (below 40 ° C).
  • The decoction of dried plant consists in putting different parts of the plant to heat in the water until boiling, then to keep them at temperature for a few minutes. This preparation is a little more concentrated in active ingredients than the infusion. A decoction is used for the hard, compact or woody parts of plants: wood, stem, fruit, bark, sapwood, roots, seeds. These vegetative organs deliver their active principles only under the prolonged action of heat (boiling maintained for a few minutes).
  • Herbal tea infusion consists of pouring hot water on flowers or leaves, soaking for a few minutes before tasting. Cover (with a saucer for example, to prevent the volatile substances in the plant evaporate during the infusion) and leave the plants in contact with boiling water for a specific duration, which can vary from 3 at 10 minutes. This will soften the tissues of your dried plant and, thus, release and diffuse its active ingredients .

Precautions for use with plants in herbalism

The concentration of plants varies according to the plants and according to the number of plants used to make the tea. Bulk plants and combinations of prepared plants are sold by the herbalist with the concentration of suitable plants and the recommended dosage.

Herbal tea is a very good form to advise for self-medication, family use and daily. The advantage is that you can enhance the herbal tea according to tastes and flavors. There are other galenic forms that we will have the opportunity to meet.

It is advisable to take mixed herbal teas, in order to treat the symptoms of our small ailments, but also and especially the causes.

No prolonged use in all cases . For more information on the dried plant mix to use, take advantage of our certified naturopaths and the advice of our ARS prepared instructors in preparation to choose the best treatment adapted to your troubles and your personal situation.

For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form . Also find all our tips on our blog on how to sleep well with herbal infusions . Or 7 Recipes Home Natural Remedies to Treat Colds and Flu .

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