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How do I choose the right dietary supplements to buy online?

Choosing a dietary supplement in a pharmacy is not intended to replace your current diet, but to supplement it with vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients necessary for good health. Vitamins A, E, C, trace elements... These nutrients are all essential to the proper functioning of our bodies. Dietary supplements are a real ally when the body's energy level drops.

Food supplements can be useful at different stages of life, such as growth, menopause and aging. They are also of interest to people with special diets, such as vegetarians, as well as to people with special living conditions, such as athletes. Food supplements are also designed for people with minor temporary problems such as digestive disorders, fatigue, sleep, stress...

Whether you're in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice or Marseille in France, you can order your dietary supplements online at the best price, simply and easily with soin-et-nature.com!

Find Balance with Natural Solutions

Stress and sleep disorders affect many people in the modern world. Fortunately, there are natural solutions in the form of dietary supplements for tone, vitality and fatigue designed to bring serenity and balance. Plant extracts such as valerian and passionflower are renowned for their soothing properties, offering a gentle alternative to traditional medicines.

Supporting venous circulation and the cardiovascular system

Good blood circulation is essential for overall health. Certain circulation-enhancing dietary supplements, enriched with flavonoids and antioxidants, help strengthen veins, reducing the risk of venous disorders.

Vitamins and Minerals: the foundations of a healthy body

The recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals is sometimes difficult to achieve through diet alone. Dietary supplements for vision, for example, fill these gaps or deficiencies, ensuring that the body functions properly. Whether it's vitamin D for the bones, magnesium for the muscles, iron for the blood or lutein for eye health, these nutrients are essential to our well-being.

Superfoods and Beehive Products: Energy and Immunity

Superfoods such as Goji berries and spirulina are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. They are a natural source of energy. Meanwhile, beehive products such as honey and propolis are renowned for their immune and therapeutic benefits.

Probiotics for balanced intestinal flora

Digestive disorders can greatly affect quality of life. Probiotics, available in supplement form, promote healthy intestinal flora, essential for good digestion and a robust immune system.

Supplements for Muscles, Joints and More

Whether it's to soothe muscle and joint pain, delay the signs of aging, improve memory and concentration, or support healthy digestion, there are supplements to support your joints and others dedicated to every need. Children, athletes and even pregnant women can find products tailored to their specific requirements.

Beauty, slimming and natural wellness solutions

Food supplements are not limited to physical health; they also encompass beauty and mental well-being. Formulas designed for skin, hair and slimming allow you to take care of your appearance from the inside out. We have a wide choice of dietary supplements dedicated to slimming. What's more, natural options exist for specific concerns such as urinary comfort, female disorders or impotence-related challenges.

Food Supplements for Seniors: Daily vitality and well-being

As we age, our bodies undergo changes that can affect our general well-being. For seniors, especially those going through transitional periods such as menopause, the importance of appropriate, targeted nutrition takes on its full meaning. Nutritional supplements can play a key role in maintaining health and vitality during these years.

Hormonal Support and Menopause Relief

Menopause is a major turning point in a woman's life, accompanied by sometimes uncomfortable symptoms. Dietary supplements for menopause, specifically formulated for women going through this sensitive period, can offer natural relief. Rich in phytoestrogens, such as those derived from red clover or soy, these supplements help balance hormone levels and alleviate hot flushes, sleep disturbances and mood swings.

Antioxidants: Protecting cells against aging

Cellular aging is a natural process, but it can be accelerated by oxidative stress. To combat this phenomenon, antioxidant intake is crucial. Supplements containing vitamins C and E, selenium and other antioxidant substances help protect cells against free radical damage. This is essential not only for preserving youthful skin, but also for supporting cardiovascular health and vision.

Bone and muscle strengthening

As we age, the risk of osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass increases. Calcium and vitamin D are fundamental to maintaining strong bones, while proteins and certain minerals support muscular health. Dedicated dietary supplements can therefore be of invaluable help in preventing these health problems, by ensuring an optimal intake of these essential nutrients.

Cognition and memory

Cognitive health is another major concern for senior citizens. Supplements enriched with omega-3, ginkgo biloba or curcumin are being studied for their potential to support brain function, improve memory and concentration, and potentially slow age-related cognitive decline.

Why buy your natural food supplements at your pharmacy?

A dietary supplement is intended to supplement an inadequate diet. They can be made up of vitamins, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, as well as plants with beneficial health properties. The use of plants for health purposes has been known since ancient times. Through the ages, man has learned to use particular plants for their health-giving properties.

Today, dietary supplements are available in a variety of forms, including tablets, capsules, liquids and powders. The galenic form is not chosen at random, as it influences the speed and duration of absorption by the body. For example, dietary supplements for intestinal comfort are mainly found in gastro-resistant tablet form, so that the active ingredients are not destroyed before they reach the intestine.

Soin et Nature, your organic pharmacy in Perpignan specializing in online alternative medicine, offers you its new range of food supplements: effectively combat your physiological or dietary deficiencies with our 100% natural nutritherapy and micronutrition remedies. Our doctors of pharmacy have selected probiotics, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plants of the highest pharmaceutical quality.

These natural food supplements are designed to correct essential nutrient imbalances. The products we offer in our online organic pharmacy come from pharmaceutical laboratories renowned in the parapharmacy and pharmacy sectors.

What are the health benefits of dietary supplements?

A plant-based dietary supplement is not intended to replace a normal diet, but to supplement it with vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients. In order to function, our bodies use what we ingest as fuel for organs such as muscles and the heart, as well as for our brains.

Natural food supplements come in the form of capsules, tablets, ampoules, etc. They contain vitamins, nutrients and herbs. They are designed for people with temporary nutritional deficiencies (special diets, pregnancy, winter fatigue). They have few contraindications, apart from allergies to certain plants and possible interactions between the plants present in the supplements and basic treatments.

For example, for people wishing to improve their digestion, our qualified naturopaths offer a selection of dietary supplements specifically designed for digestive comfort, to help your transit function smoothly.

Royal jelly is another rare and precious product, produced by bees to nourish the queen bee. Naturally, this food is exceptionally powerful, enabling the queen to live for around 5 years, whereas other bees live for no more than 45 days. In fact, royal jelly as a dietary supplement is a nutrient-rich concentrate that stimulates the body, helping it to overcome temporary fatigue, enhance intellectual effort or strengthen natural defenses.

Choosing organic food supplements

Non-organic food supplements often contain petrochemical ingredients (or synthetic ingredients). These synthetic ingredients can be harmful to health. It's best to turn to recognized organic food supplements such as AB or Ecocert. These labels guarantee quality nutritional supplements manufactured in an environmentally -friendly way, with 95% to 100% of ingredients sourced from organic farming. We advise you to choose food supplements manufactured and controlled in France. French regulations are among the strictest in the world. To avoid the risk of overdosing, it is not advisable to combine several food supplements (especially with the same ingredients).

What information should food supplement labels bear?

To avoid confusion, it's vital to be aware of the information on the outer packaging of dietary supplements.

The mandatory information on food supplement labels is as follows:

- the names of the categories of nutrients or substances characterizing the product, or an indication of the nature of these nutrients or substances
-the daily portion of the product recommended for consumption
-a warning not to exceed the indicated daily dose
-a statement to the effect that food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet
-a warning that products should be kept out of the reach of children.

Food supplements must not claim to prevent or treat disease.

On the other hand, food supplement labels may include health claims. A health claim is defined as any message or representation "which affirms, suggests or implies the existence ofa relationship between, on the one hand, a category of foodstuffs, a foodstuff or one of its components, and, on the other hand, health". A health claim is a statement used on the label to the effect that consumption of a given food or one of its nutrients - such as, for example, vitamins and minerals or fiber - may have health benefits. Only authorized claims may be mentioned. Any company may use them, provided it complies with the conditions of use attached to them.

(Source :https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/sante-et-environnement/denrees-alimentaires/article/complements-alimentaires)

Food supplements are not medicines

No, dietary supplements are not medicines. Even if they are presented in the form of capsules, pastilles, tablets, and other forms of liquid or powder preparations intended to be taken in small, measured units, they are not medicines.Even if they are presented in the form of capsules, pastilles, tablets and other liquid or powder preparations intended to be taken in small, measured units, they are in no way an alternative to medicines prescribed by a doctor and/or dispensed by a pharmacist. The substances contained in food supplements have no therapeutic action and are not intended to prevent or cure disease.

What do food supplements contain?

Food supplements may contain nutrients (vitamins and minerals), plants (excluding plants intended exclusively for therapeutic use), substances with nutritional or physiological purposes (chemically defined substances, excluding pharmacological substances), traditional ingredients (eg.Royal jelly, etc.), additives, flavourings and processing aids (additive carriers) authorized for use in human foods.

Chemical substances used as sources of vitamins and minerals in the manufacture of food supplements must be safe. These substances are listed in the Order of May 9, 2006 on nutrients that may be used in the manufacture of food supplements, issued by Decree no. 2006-352. The fibers, amino acids and plants incorporated must be authorized by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, after consulting the French Agency for Food, Labor and Environmental Health Safety (Anses). A draft decree containing a list of plants that can be incorporated into foodstuffs was notified to the the European Commission in September 2012 and is currently the subject of discussions between the European Commission and the French authorities. It will become applicable at the end of the procedure set out in Directive N°98/32.

How do I choose a dietary supplement online?

Choosing the right dietary supplement involves first and foremost determining your body's real needs. Nutritional requirements differ from one individual to another. They depend on many factors, such as age, sex, state of health and lifestyle. An athlete will not have the same needs as a sedentary person, just as a pregnant woman will not have the same needs as a woman who is breastfeeding or going through menopause.

As the choice of a dietary supplement has a direct impact on our health, it is absolutely essential to check for interactions with current medications and treatments, and to verify the compatibility of the dietary supplement with the state of vitamin deficiency. Specialists often recommend a health check-up, in order to personalize multivitamin supplements for a more targeted effect on deficiencies, and to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Choosing the right dietary supplement

For over-the-counter products, it's much better to buy them directly from our pharmacy in Perpignan in the Pyrénées-orientales (66) department, or online from our dedicated e-commerce website.

  • The packaging and label of the dietary supplement : Pay attention to the condition of the packaging and label, as well as to everything mentioned on them. Poorly written or imprecise labelling is often a sign of inferior quality. Take the time to check the information on the label. It must include :
  • the name and content of the product's nutrient categories and substances,
  • recommended daily dosage,
  • a warning to respect the indicated dose,
  • a statement to the effect that the supplement should be combined with a balanced diet, and that use of the supplement as a substitute for diet should be avoided,
  • a warning concerning precautions for use, in particular keeping out of reach of children, taking by pregnant or breast-feeding women...
  • The composition of your nutritional supplement : Find out more about the ingredients used to make the supplement. It's strongly recommended that you opt for products containing the best natural ingredients, including vitamins C, D and E, trace elements and minerals such as magnesium, taking care to avoid magnesium chloride.

Make sure your dietary supplement is made from organically-grown plants, without additives. Synthetic products are generally not tolerated by the body and are dangerous to health. Vitamins and beta-carotenes must be natural.

What are the different food supplements available in your pharmacy?

Food supplements are designed to meet the needs of the body and the well-being of everyone. In general, they are able to fill the gaps in the body thanks to the nutritional values they provide.

Recommended dietary allowances: Official dietary allowances are known by different names in different countries, and their standards may vary. They indicate, according to age and sex, the quantities of nutrients needed to maintain good health.

Find out more about European regulations governing food supplements.

The therapeutic value of a plant depends on the preservation of the active principle that gives it its virtue. This is why each form of dietary supplement has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • For water-soluble molecules, dietary supplements in the form of herbal teas and decoctions are the most appropriate. However, a very large quantity is needed to fully benefit from all the active ingredients.
  • Mother tinctures are also interesting, but their use is contraindicated in certain groups of individuals due to the high alcohol content.
  • Root-based dietary supplements in capsule form are practical and of high quality, but do not keep well.
  • Dietary supplements in tablet form are simple and practical, but take time to take effect.
  • Capsule-based dietary supplements are also practical, but their shelf life is limited and you have to wait a long time to feel the benefits.
  • Aromatherapy and dietary supplements: essential oils are ideal, but their use requires a great deal of caution.
  • Delay-release microbeads are by far the best dietary supplements, but because they are so expensive, very few people can afford them.
  • Fluid extracts are excellent in terms of concentration of active ingredients, but they are not available and their use remains confidential.

To help you get back to sleep, we invite you to discover our selection of dietary supplements to help you get back to sleep, with plants and active ingredients that will help you fall asleep peacefully and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

You'll also find all our advice on how to choose your health food supplements on our blog. Discover the benefits of activated charcoal for digestive disorders. Find out why it's important to choose an organic food supplement. Or how to choose nutritional supplements for slimming this summer.

Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and pharmacists in Perpignan and our advice on how to choose the best treatment for your condition and personal situation. For more information, don't hesitate to ask for our advice on our secure form.