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Summer Sorrows

Insect bites: the main scourge of summer

Bites can hurt. During the summer season, bees, wasps and hornets are out. They collect the necessary pollen to pass the winter and put aside food. They are numerous in the gardens to go from flower to flower to forage. So be careful where you step. You should know that the wasp does not lose its sting unlike the bee. It should be removed with a clean tweezers, then disinfect with alcohol. The bites are often more painful than dangerous, except in cases of allergy (swelling, severe pain). As for the hornet, its sting sinks deeper into the skin. His bites are more dangerous. We advise you to see your doctor or the emergency department in case of a bite near the eyes, near the mouth, or that you have swallowed one.

Ants andmosquitoes are also famous for feeding our bodies during the summer. Although their bites are not dangerous, they should be cleaned with soap and water. You can also use an itchy cream. The precautionary principle being useful, do not hesitate to apply an anti- mosquito lotion on the areas of skin which are uncovered as well as on the clothes and to use a mosquito net.

Burn and sun

When he points the tip of his nose, we're all delighted to see him appear. His heat warms us and we are generally in a good mood when we see him. The sun can however become an enemy, it is necessary to know how to protect itself against it and especially not to expose oneself to the hours of strong heat. There is a list of dangers concerning the gold disc which enlighten us:

  1. Heat stroke :
    they mainly concern children and infants. With prolonged exposure to high temperature, the body starts to overheat. The skin is then hot and dry, the face is red and the child complains of headaches, vomits, is very thirsty. In order to avoid sequelae (especially on the neurological level), even death (10% of cases), it is necessary to immediately call for help, place the child in the shade and lower the temperature using wet compresses applied to the previously undressed body.
    The elderly are also very vulnerable to heat. In addition, they feel less thirsty and therefore forget to drink, which exposes them all the more to the risk of dehydration. However, no one is immune to heat stroke.
    It is good to remember that at any age, it is strongly recommended not to expose yourself during the hottest hours of the day.
  2. The sun burns :
    They are less dangerous than heat stroke, but they can be just as bad for the body in the long run. They can cause skin cancer.
    In case of sunburn , it is necessary to apply cold compresses several times a day to the red, painful and hot areas as well as a cream (Biafine, Osmosoft ...). If the burn is more important, that blisters, fever and malaise appear, a consultation with the doctor is necessary.

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