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Just like in traditional Chinese medicine, the choice of a practice of alternative medicine is of course made according to your natural health problem , but also according to your preferences and personality traits.

Buy with ease, your alternative medicines online in your bio pharmacy, in order to find, form and vitality, quickly and for a long time! These natural treatments are the result of long years of research. Millions of people have benefited from the experience of the greatest naturopaths, aromatherapists, homeopaths, herbalists and doctors specializing in alternative and natural medicine.

These specialists have proven that a holistic approach to the causes of a disease leads to lasting healing. There are different alternative health medicines that can help you heal yourself on a daily basis. However, resorting to alternative medicine does not dispense with medical advice.

The benefits of natural medicines for your health

Alternative medicines, also called natural medicines, are those that do not use drugs and chemical molecules to treat patients. The practice of alternative medicine considers the individual as a whole and does not focus only on the symptom, unlike traditional medicine, which focuses only on the diseased organ.

Complementary or alternative therapies, soft, alternative or unconventional medicine… there is a considerable number of practices that go beyond the scope of traditional medicine. Natural medicines aim to harmonize vital energy to preserve our physical and moral well-being. Natural therapies allow you to regain awareness of your body and how your emotions relate to your physical feelings. Sophrology, reflexology, organic food supplements or massage with essential oils, for example, can help you sleep better, reduce your anxiety and even lose weight. But in the event of prolonged illness, one should not choose a natural health product without first consulting a doctor or a naturopathic professional.

How to choose a recognized alternative medicine

More and more French people are turning to alternative medicine . But what do these therapeutic approaches correspond to? Sometimes called alternative medicine , complementary medicine, complementary medicine , or even natural medicine, these natural health practices are diverse, both in the techniques they employ and in the theoretical foundations they invoke. Their common point is that they are neither scientifically recognized by conventional medicine nor taught during the initial training of health professionals.

The various natural methods offered by this holistic solution are intriguing, but are increasingly recommended, even by the most fervent scientists. Concretely, the expression “alternative medicine” should not be used, because natural medicines do not represent alternatives to conventional medicine, but complementary approaches to allopathic medicine.

If the success of alternative medicine has continued to grow lately, we must not forget that these natural medicines remain complementary therapeutic approaches. In parallel with conventional medicine, they bring three interesting added values:

  • Contribute to the prevention of health problems;
  • Promote a better general state of health for optimal physical and mental well-being;
  • Relieve certain consequences of illnesses or certain side effects of conventional treatments.

In any case, alternative medicine can not replace a medical diagnosis or medical treatment. This notion is essential to prevent any risk of drift, both on the part of practitioners and on the part of patients.

Bach Flowers: how to treat yourself with flower essences

Dr Bach Flower Essences have no side effects and can be used by anyone. They can also be used in parallel with other treatments and therapies (allopathic or holistic), without any danger.

The Bach flower is a remedy without any side effects: the flower essences are without toxicity and without side effects. They can be associated with taking medication. Babies, pregnant women, the elderly can also use them.

Herbal medicine, health through medicinal plants

Phytotherapy is the use of plants or medicines made from medicinal plants (powders, preparations in ampoules, infusions, etc.) to naturally treat the various ailments of the human body.

Whether for better sleep or as a slimming asset, herbal medicine can remedy everyday problems in a natural way. It is a solution that is both alternative and complementary to the treatments of classical medicine, more and more in vogue and whose effectiveness is increasingly recognized.

Gemmotherapy: soft medicine for buds

Commonly called "bud medicine", gemmotherapy is part of the large family of herbal therapies, which offer to prevent and treat a variety of health problems using plants.

Gemmotherapy is defined as a global embryonic phytotherapy. It uses the active ingredients of buds, seeds, rootlets or young shoots of trees freshly picked and prepared by direct maceration in an alcohol and glycerin solution.

Discover our various health tips on our blog on natural medicines to choose the alternative medicine that suits you to regulate stress and fatigue, relieve chronic pain and improve well-being naturally. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on our secure form .

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