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Care-and-Nature, Your bio pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers its new range of Oligotherapy. Oligotherapy consists essentially of the administration of catalysts necessary in very small quantities to the metabolism of the human body. The goal is to correct a metabolic dysfunction by restoring the physiological balance of the patient.

The catalysts , called micronutrients (or trace elements (ET)), are mostly metal or metalloid ions. They are administered sublingually: the solution containing the trace elements is kept a few minutes under the tongue to pass into the blood.

The aim of oligotherapy is, first and foremost, to rebalance an organism in its totality and to improve its overall functioning as a whole, according to the type of each patient. It is Doctor Ménétrier , who first codified this therapy. First, he has classified the major types of patients according to their hereditary factors and their family antecedents, their receptivity or their resistance to diseases, their physical, intellectual and psychological behavior, the disorders to which they are subject in each of the major functions of the organization. Ménétrier has described four fundamental diatheses: allergic , hypostatic , dystonic , anergic . And some add a fifth: the maladaptive syndrome or endocrine syndrome .

Then, it determined, on the one hand, the simple or associated trace elements likely to act generally on each of these grounds, on the other hand the trace elements which can come into play to reduce certain specific disorders of such or such great function.

The trace elements come in different forms depending on their uses: Oral solution in ampoules of 2 ml, under the name of Oligosol (also injectable intramuscularly) , granions oral and in unitized form or complex in vials with the remedies from the PurOligo laboratory and the Oligomax range from the Nutergia Laboratory, a specialist in alternative medicine.

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