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Veterinary pharmacy specializing in natural care

Find the best quality veterinary products in your online veterinary pharmacy for your pet. natural products for the welfare of animals . Your cat, dog, horse, cow or pig will be pampered by our selection of hygiene and care products adapted to the comfort, health and well-being of your companions. From effective pest control based on natural products to more classic products ...

The use of natural care on a daily basis helps to prevent and fight certain disorders which weaken the health of your animals. Do you want to find natural alternatives to treat your little companions? Traditional pharmaceutical products are increasingly giving way to natural veterinary preparations which are harmless to animals.

Deworming a cat naturally is a health gesture that contributes to the well-being of your pet and helps keep it in good health . Discover our range of organic dewormers and pest control products, based on natural active ingredients, for your cats.

The advantage of treating your pet with natural medicine is the absence of toxicity unlike conventional medicine which can cause harmful effects for your dog or cat. However, the treatment should be chosen and adapted by your veterinarian.

Choosing alternative medicine for my dog in my veterinary pharmacy

Aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine ... In recent years, complementary care has experienced a growing craze among dog owners.

Medicinal plants and veterinary herbal medicine occupy a privileged place in the care of animals, in particular in the support of metabolic functions, their action on biological functions and regulatory mechanisms.

Medicinal plants for treating dogs have vast and varied properties: anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, action on digestive, skin, immune and behavioral disorders. In serious and acute pathologies, veterinary herbal medicine is not, however, used alone, but represents an excellent adjuvant to chemical drugs.

How to treat my cat with natural medicines

By "alternative medicine" is meant all alternative treatments to conventional veterinary medicine. Aromatherapy, Bach flowers, medicinal plants, homeopathic treatments for cats. .. in all cases, it is care that must be provided by a veterinarian to ensure the good health of the cat.

Alternative medicine for cats is particularly suitable for providing relief to the animal in the event of chronic diseases, joint pain, allergies, diabetes, stress or simply to provide your cat with a gentler end of life.

Benefits of natural medicines to treat my horse

The herbal medicine and equine aromatherapy are used to combat common diseases giving horses more autonomy and better health. For example, during breathing problems, during an allergy, the horse may inhale vapors to make certain chronic pathologies disappear.

Using alternative medicine to treat my horse with equine aromatherapy is also effective in the case of a stressed or aggressive horse. It allows, thanks to the use of medicinal plants, to appease the horse without "drugging" it with drugs with sometimes devastating side effects.

Why use natural care for my farm animals

Considered to be more respectful of the environment, the use of alternative medicine for farm animals has developed in farms in parallel with the rise of organic farming. Animal health is a major issue for farmers on the farm and contributes to animal welfare. Discover the different alternative medicines for your farm animals for optimal hygiene of your sheep , goats and pigs.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

Even if natural veterinary care is available over the counter in your online organic veterinary pharmacy, we advise you never to administer a natural treatment to your animal without first consulting your pharmacist or veterinarian. For more information, you can send us your request for advice via our secure form .

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