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Find a wide range of natural pest control products in your online bio pharmacy to effectively care for your pets.

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Our pets are often subjected to the attack of different parasites : some remain outside the body (like fleas, ticks, and various mites ...), others enter it (like worms, protozoa ...). But how do I choose my natural anti parasitic treatment in my pharmacy? How to determine the type of parasite that infests my animal and choose a natural flea collar rather than a natural dewormer in tablets ?

Internal parasites infest our animals which are contaminated by ingesting larvae or eggs of worms present in the environment or through fleas which transmit a form of tapeworm. These "worms" are transmissible to humans. It is estimated that 85% of pets without symptoms carry these worms. The worms targeted by regular deworming are round worms (roundworms, whipworms) and flatworms (tapeworms). It is important to treat these worms, especially in puppies because these internal parasites can cause serious digestive upset to the intestinal obstruction.

External parasites are mainly ticks, fleas , lice , chiggers and mosquitoes . They are visible to the naked eye and directly responsible in animals for skin lesions and can transmit diseases. These external parasites can also bite and bite us.

How to choose your natural antiparasitic treatment in organic pharmacy

Natural antiparasitic agents such as dewormers eliminate parasites at the time of administration but have no action over time (for the majority of them). If the animal is immediately in contact with internal parasites , it is considered that it takes 1 month for the worm to transform in the body. Thus, a deworming every 3 months for an animal in contact with the outside is a rhythm to advise. If you have several animals, we can increase the number of medications taken.

The frequency of use of external antiparasitics depends on the form of the drugs you choose. Most pest control collars last five to seven months; the spray, pipette or tablet forms must be renewed every month. Shampoos have an immediate action but it does not last.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

There are many products with antiparasitic properties, which are not drugs. They are generally formulated from plants and are sold over the counter in pharmacies, supermarkets, pet stores or your veterinarian. They have not been the subject of in-depth efficacy and safety studies, as is the case with medicines. This is why we advise you never to give antiparasitic treatment to your animal without having first consulted your pharmacist or veterinarian.

For more information, you can send us your request for advice via our secure form .

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