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Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier for over 10 years, I gradually formed during my daily practice of traditional alternative medicine such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy and more particularly to aromatherapy (therapy through the use of essential oils). Indeed, these so-called alternative medicines, perfectly complement the conventional treatments based on drugs without prescriptions. They provide a more holistic approach to an individual's health status, and naturally cure most minor health problems.

L'herboristerie de notre pharmacie à perpignan Commandez vos préparations officinales, vos mélanges d'huiles essentielles en ligne Commandez en pharmacie les Extraits de plantes fraîches Phytostandardisées du laboratoire PhytoPrevent
Nous expédions quotidiennement plusieurs centaines de colis à travers la France et l'Europe Préparation de gélules d'huiles essentielles au sein du laboratoire Gélules de plantes médicinales
Rayon des produits vétérinaires de la pharmacie care and nature care and nature

Expert Advice in Pharmacy

Our teams of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Preparers and Naturopaths have the mission to advise you and guide you in order to guide your choices towards a treatment best suited to your case.
Our wish? To make each of you a part of your health , every day.
For a personalized board of health, contact us by phone, e-mail or chat via facebook,
Each week, our Naturopaths write articles on the blog by addressing different topics: aromatherapy, phytotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, food supplements ...

Medical Devices and Self-Tests

You can find on the site medical equipment such as self-tests (blood sugar, HIV ...), as well as a wide range of orthopedics with socks, stockings and compression tights, orthoses

Food supplements for Sportsmen

We have established partnerships with the best expert laboratories in the development of food supplements for athletes like NHCO, Eafit or Eric Favre.


Your specialist in Magistral preparation, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy in Perpignan


Soin et Nature is the E-Shop of the Pharmacy Mailloles is located in the French department of the Eastern Pyrenees, in Perpignan. It was created by two pharmacists, doctors of pharmacy for ten years, surrounded by a team of experts and professionals including a nutritionist and a plant specialist who assist in the selection and selection of products that you are offered.

The goal, by putting this e-shop at your disposal, is to present a range of 100% natural products of superior quality to consumers aware of the current need to change their way of life and care.

The 100% natural products marketed by Soin et Nature come from plants taken at harvest. Each product contains only the titrated extract of the plants and is free of any chemical substance. Each proposed product has its regularly updated analytical sheets that we undertake to provide on request.




Our specialties:

Pharmaceutical Herbalism, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy & Aromatherapy in Perpignan.


Phytotherapy naturopathy aromtherapie pharmacy Our pharmacists, trained herbalists, have referenced medicinal plants from a rigorous selection , originating from all over the world and produced according to precise specifications, in order to guarantee an optimal quality in natural active ingredients for your officinal herbal preparations. . We offer a range of more than 2000 references of medicinal plants, organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils.

Our plants are not treated and their quality is checked several times. Not coming from a mixture of different origins, each batch is of uniform quality and the care taken in drying and storage guarantees you an irreproachable quality. The constant renewal of the stock guarantees you maximum freshness .

The Mailloles Pharmacy has selected 100% pure , natural botanically and biochemically defined essential oils (HEBBD) unmodified or diluted to make your Aromatherapy officinal preparations. Our suppliers all have the status of a pharmaceutical establishment, guaranteeing a maximum level of quality .

We carry out all kinds of officinal preparations in Naturopathy , Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy . We carry out the preparations in strict compliance with the BPP to ensure quality, safety and traceability at all stages of manufacture. All our raw materials come from French pharmaceutical laboratories meeting the standards of AFSSAPS (BPF). We guarantee delivery times of 6 to 24 hours depending on the region and the wholesaler.

  • Bulk Therapeutic Plants , On-Demand Blends
  • Titlex Powder Capsules (Dry Plant Extracts)
  • Fluid extract of medicinal plants, Fluid extracts of Standardized Plants : EPS of the Phytoprevent Laboratory
  • Blends of essential oils and vegetable oils.
  • Gastro-resistant capsules, massage oils, gels, ointments, suppositories and ovules with Essential Oils

Our main suppliers of essential oils are the omega Pharma pharmaceutical laboratory with the PHYTOSUN AROMS brand, the Pranarom laboratory, Rosier davène, Puressentiel, LCA, Arkoessentiel, Dr. Valnet, Le Comptoir Aroma.

In particular, we offer master preparations in Nutritherapy, based on OROTATES


pharmacie phytotherapie

Our services:



soin et natureThird Party Paying - Free Update of your Vitale Card, use of the Pharmaceutical File, Free Home Delivery of Drugs on Perpignan.
Tracking your chronic treatments - Free Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Screening - Personalized Dietary Tips

Homeopathy - Advice - Homeopathic preparations Boiron, Lehning, WELEDA available in 24h.

Veterinary Drugs in Perpignan - advice and prescription, reconditioning and master preparations of veterinary drugs to adjust the dosage of the active ingredient to the weight of your pet.

Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy & Herbalism: A range of + 1000 references (dry plants, EPS fluid extracts, organic essential oils, organic vegetable oils, etc.)

Retail sale of chemicals and raw materials for the maintenance and renovation of the house, household products "bio". Sale of recognition boxes.

Magistral preparations: We are the only pharmacist laboratory in the department of Pyrénées Orientales, having obtained the approval of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) for the manufacture and subcontracting of the magistral preparations according to the good practices of magistral preparations. BPP. In addition, we are in the process of being certified to obtain the quality label for the magistral preparations in pharmacy ISO 9001.

Parapharmacy - Optics: wide choice of magnifying glasses to correct presbyopia.



We have a wide selection of stock orthoses in stock:

  • cervical collars from C1 to C4 - splints of the upper limb: wrist, elbow, rhizarthrosis.
  • lumbar & abdominal support belts, lumbar support belt - knee pads, ankles.
  • immobilization splints of the ankle, knee.
  • compression and compression articles: socks, stockings, tights.

We offer socks, stockings and compression tights from the Diaphane range of the SIGVARIS laboratory. This range, as well as the vast majority of our orthoses are fully reimbursable by health insurance organizations, on medical prescription.

We work mainly with DONJOY, VARISMA, RADIANTE, THUASNE laboratories ...


Medical material

officine mailloles Find our range of sphygmomanometers, thermometers, nursing equipment, physiotherapy massage cream, and a range of baby products: Baby bottles, Tires Milk and breastfeeding accessories, Weighing

baby, infant food NOVALAC, GALLIA, MODILAC ... For health professionals (nurses, physiotherapist, doctor), we offer the equipment of your medical office and supplies and consumables.

A Medical Equipment service dedicated to the rental and purchase: Rehabilitation splint, Wheelchair, Power Lift Comfort Chair, Seats Shells, Armchairs Wardrobes, Walkers, English canes. Medical oxygen.

Our service plus: Free delivery and home installation of your medical equipment. A member of our team can come to your place to allow us to choose together the most suitable equipment for your home. He will then deliver it, install it and fix it if necessary.


The pharmacy team


Pharmacists Holders

Arnaud Comaills Docteur en Pharmacie, Pharmacien titulaire de la Pharmacie de Mailloles Arnaud COMAILLS Doctor of Pharmacy
MAE degree from IAE
University Diploma of Orthopedics

Assistant Pharmacists : Elisabeth Durand, Frédéric Marsenac, Lise Comaills, Emmanuel Damville.

Pharmacy Technicians : Carole, Noémie, Pauline, Céline, Joel, Melissa, Flore, Mariama.

Webmaster : Cyril.

Naturopaths : Lucie and Elodie.

Rayonnists, order pickers, logistics team, secretary : Delphine, Catherine, Boris, Jean-Marc, Céline, Yohan, Amandine, Katleen.

Achetez en ligne vos médicaments dans notre pharmacie agréée à Perpignan, situé dans le sud de la France