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Fluid extracts of fresh plants standardized and glycerinated

EFGs are standardized fluid extracts of plants intended for pharmaceutical use . Raw materials that allow preparations to be made in pharmacies .

The plants used for making EFGs are all medicinal plants . Indeed, they have therapeutic properties which act on all the body's systems:

  • The nervous system
  • Digestive system
  • Genitourinary system
  • Endocrine system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Circulatory system
  • ENT system
  • Dermatology

In this way, EFGs represent a natural alternative for self-care that covers a vast therapeutic field , thus making it possible to reach as many people as possible.

In addition, its galenic form allows EFGs to be used by humans as well as by animals.

How are fresh plants selected?

Fresh plants are the raw material for EPS. Therefore, the quality of the plants chosen for the preparation of the Phytofrance mixtures is essential to guarantee an optimal therapeutic action.

For the development of EFGs, herbal medicine laboratories favor the use of cultivated plants, rather than collecting wild plants. In this way, the experts can control the growth of the plant as well as its content of active principle, in order to be able to harvest it at the most opportune moment. Finally, not practicing wild collection helps to avoid the extinction of certain species and not to unbalance the ecosystem.

On the other hand, Pileje experts carefully select the best species from the same plant based on its concentration of active ingredients . In fact, the more a species of plant is rich in active ingredients, the more its therapeutic action will be effective. Also, the geographical area in which the plant is harvested is an important quality criterion which will directly impact its composition.

In addition, Phytofrance favors plants from French cultures, when possible. Otherwise, they get their supplies in the countries where they grow best while promoting the economic development of local populations. Thus, guarana comes from Brazil, Orthosiphon from Indonesia, Turmeric and Ginger from Vietnam.

In addition, the time of harvesting plants is not chosen by chance, it takes place during the period when the plant is the richest in active compounds. Thus, the roots and leaves are harvested before the plant blooms, and the flowers and flowering tops during dry periods.

Concerned about the quality of their raw material, Pileje regularly carries out audits of its suppliers of fresh plants and checks randomly selected batches. Regarding plants from organic farming , dosages of pesticides and heavy metals are carried out regularly.

Phytofrance extraction process: an extraction process that restores the best of the plant

At Phytofrance, fluid plant extracts are obtained by extraction, a key step that will greatly influence the final quality of EFG. Indeed, it is about a unique extraction process allowing to extract the active ingredients at the origin of the therapeutic action of the plant, without denaturing them.

The extracts obtained by maceration of fresh plants in three solvents: ethyl alcohol (14.5% vol.), Water and glycerin, each having a different extraction power. After this extraction, everything is brewed with AB honey.

  • Ethanol will allow the extraction of active ingredients such as alkaloids, various heterosides (sulphides, phenolics, cyanogenetics, etc.), glycosides, certain acids, etc.
  • Water makes it possible to obtain water-soluble principles such as tannins, mineral salts, most of the flavonoids and certain vitamins.
  • Finally, glycerin or glycerol (plant origin) will extract practically all the other active ingredients such as phenols, essential oils and flavonoids, as well as the acids remaining after the aqueous extraction.

What are the contraindications for EFG?

Some EFGs have specific contraindications and can even interact with certain drugs . Therefore, they should make use of controlled use and be advised by qualified health professionals.

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