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  • Design

It is possible to improve fertility naturally by using food supplements dedicated to conception . They are specially formulated to provide the necessary nutrients for the woman, so that she can get pregnant without any deficiency, which can sometimes be the cause of miscarriages ...

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a trying stage in a woman's life, it causes great upheavals both physically and mentally.

Indeed, a pregnant woman sees her nutrient requirements grow, because some of it is necessary for the proper development of the fetus. During this period of life, it is therefore important to supplement yourself in order to meet the nutritional needs of mother and baby . During the first trimester of pregnancy, for example, it is important to ensure an adequate intake of:

In our drugstore , we offer many solutions to relieve the ailments of pregnant women.

Indeed, pregnancy also causes physical inconvenience feared by many women: nausea and vomiting, heartburn, intense fatigue, constipation, hemorrhoids, stretch marks , varicose veins, cramps ...

For example, homeopathy can be of great help in relieving hemorrhoids in pregnant women, with Avenoc Boiron suppositories in particular.

For heartburn , the 100% natural food supplement Neobianacid ABOCA can be taken safely during pregnancy.

Your perineum will be hard pressed during childbirth. It is essential to prepare it in order to avoid tearing and to ensure rapid recovery following the great stretch that it will undergo when the baby is born.

How to protect yourself from a tear of the perineum or an episiotomy?

It is important to perform regular perineal massages . Massaging the perineum helps to stretch it and improve its flexibility before birth to prevent tearing and reduce pain during expulsion.

Daily massage of the perineum helps stimulate blood circulation at this level in order to improve the elasticity of skin tissue. Gently and regularly stretching your perineum will allow you to get used to these new sensations, in order to approach childbirth calmly.

When to start softening your perineum?

Starting the perineal massage is strongly recommended between the 34 and 37 th weeks.

  • Maternity

When your baby is born, it can be difficult for some women to start breastfeeding. However, solutions exist to promote the well-being of the mother during feedings :

For mothers who cannot breastfeed or who have chosen infant milk, our drugstore offers a wide choice of 1st age , 2nd age and 3rd age powdered milk from recognized brands such as: Gallia , Novalac , Modilac ...

Finally, find a wide choice of products for baby's toilet such as: liniment , wipe , gentle washing gel ...

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