What is a non-prescription medicine?

What is the definition of a drug?

The drug is an active product

To be effective, that is to say to treat or prevent a disease or pathology, a drug (with or without a prescription) contains one or more active ingredients .

Because of this, it can have side effects also called adverse effects . It is therefore not an innocuous product and for this reason the drugs are distributed and sold only in pharmacy in the majority of countries around the world.

It is a health product under pharmaceutical control

From its manufacture to its delivery in online pharmacies, the drug is controlled by the competent health authorities ( Agence du médicament for France). Its quality (composition, manufacturing conditions, conservation and distribution) is thus guaranteed for your safety, thanks to perfect traceability, particularly in France.

A medicine is usually prescribed by your doctor

Many drugs, subject to mandatory prescription, require a prescription . During the medical consultation, your doctor (or other authorized prescriber) prescribes the appropriate medicine for your illness, taking into account the elements of your medical file and any current treatments to avoid drug interactions. This helps to limit the risk of iatrogenic disease.

These are remedies provided by your pharmacist, health expert

Whether or not a medication requires a prescription, it is always delivered by your pharmacist in France, guarantor of its quality. This gives you the advice of a drug professional sold online, which will also ensure that there is no incompatibility with other medicines you take.

The counterfeit medicine escapes control

As it is not subject to the controls of health authorities and approved health professionals, its effectiveness and quality can not be guaranteed.

A falsified medicine is risky for your health

A counterfeit medicine may have a composition different from that of the original medicine sold in approved pharmacy: absence, overdose or underdosing of active ingredient or presence of toxic substances. Thus, the drug can be inactive and therefore ineffective to treat you. It can also be toxic and dangerous to your health.

These counterfeit health products can circulate on the Internet

A large number of websites offer the purchase of medicines online. Internet users' messengers are daily flooded with advertising messages (spam) encouraging the consumption of drugs and directing you to illegal sites. 
Keep in mind, that to date, the sale of mail-order medicines (catalog or Internet) is authorized in France, but according to a very strict regulation. 
Know also that the drugs on sale on the Internet are for many fake products. Some are copies of drugs that have not been authorized in France by health authorities because:

  • they have not demonstrated that the benefit they bring is greater than the risks they generate,
  • they do not meet the quality criteria that guarantee their effectiveness and safety (absence of harmfulness).

Secure online drug sales in France and Europe

The approved online pharmacy Care-and-Nature is the virtual extension of the Pharmacy Mailloles. Our application for authorization to sell medication online at the ARS Languedoc Roussillon has been validated since 2014.

Authorization to sell medicines on the Internet accepted by ARS - Decision ARS LR / 2014 - 1945

Our pharmacy fulfills all the conditions requested by the French health authorities, in terms of safety and ethics, related to the dispensing of medicines online.

All orders placed on care-and-nature.com, are controlled and validated by a qualified Pharmacist. 
Our customer service is at your disposal for any questions related to the operation of the site and the follow-up of your order or your possible claims. 
Contact our service at 0468546231 from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h30 
At each step of your order, you can ask your pharmacist for advice

  • When validating your basket
  • After confirming your order, in the "my account" area
  • Or after receiving your package

If your order contains medicines, your pharmacist may need to contact you to make sure that the medication ordered is used properly.

The conditions for online sales of medicines in Europe by French pharmacies follow the recommendations of the order of 20 June 2013 .

Since Decree 2012-1562 of December 31, 2012, the online sale of certain drugs is officially authorized by French law. However, it is subject to several conditions, including:

  • an online pharmacy must be attached to one and only one "physical" pharmacy. This is the case of Care-and-Nature, attached to the pharmacy Mailloles in Perpignan.
  • only non-prescription drugs can be sold online. The list of these medicines is defined by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), which only retains medicinal products that can be used safely in the context of self-medication.

The online pharmacy Mailloles / soin-et-nature.com pharmacy guarantees the safety of the drug delivery by automatically controlling your selection.

When adding a medicine to the basket, we automatically check that it is compatible with the rest of the basket, the previous baskets (your previous orders), as well as the medicines you consume elsewhere (obtained on care-and-nature.com or not). 
Beyond a certain dose, any medicine can be toxic and dangerous for your health. It is therefore impossible to add to the basket a quantity greater than the quantity indicated in the Order of 22 February 1990 on the exemption from the regulation of poisonous substances intended for human medicine. 
Also, we also check the maximum quantity of each product, to avoid any risk of intoxication, according to the medical questionnaire filled during your registration. 
Finally, you must update this information with each new order.

Beware of counterfeit medicines sold on the internet!

According to the World Health Organization, up to 50% of the drugs sold online worldwide are counterfeit , despite the coordinated action of international health agencies, which routinely seize large quantities of over-dosed counterfeit drugs, -dosés, without active ingredient, even toxic, circulating around the world! 
Many foreign online pharmacies in France offer dubious drugs. 
Find the list of pharmacies authorized to sell medicines online on the site of the order of pharmacists.

Buy your Medications Online Safely

The drugs sent to our online pharmacy are exactly the same as those you find in pharmacies, from the largest pharmaceutical companies and guaranteed without counterfeiting

Our team of pharmacists is at your disposal to guide you in the purchase of your drugs online and choose your articles of drugstore.

Care-and-nature.com, your online bio pharmacy benefits from a secure SSL system for its transactions and the purchase of medicines online.

Soin-et-nature.com undertakes to make the purchase of your medicines on the internet as secure as possible, by informing the user about possible drug interactions and limiting the amount of drugs available to avoid potentially toxic doses.

Our guarantee? Have control, validate and sign each order by one of our pharmacists holder.

In case of doubt or for any question about the use of a medicine, do not hesitate to contact one of our pharmacists on +33 (0 ) 4 68 54 62 31

For the sake of safety, our pharmacists experts in the field reserve the right to cancel your order in case of interaction between several drugs or incompatibility with a reported treatment.

The director of the publication care-and-nature.com is Mr. Arnaud Comaills, Doctor in Pharmacy