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How to treat yourself with homeopathy?

Homeopathy has a prime place to act in prevention , as well as in treatment of many diseases.

It is effective if the treatment is well chosen, following a precise analysis of the site and the symptoms of the individual. Field is an indispensable term in homeopathy. It indicates all of a person's predispositions to certain pathologies.

Homeopathy represents a natural first-line alternative in many common diseases such as:

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What are the different homeopathic galenics?

There is a wide choice of homeopathic strains and dosages , as well as different homeopathic forms such as:

  • Mother tincture is a concentrated liquid solution obtained by maceration of basic substances in alcohol. This process is carried out in the laboratory in glass or stainless steel vessels for at least 3 weeks. After maceration, the mother tincture is filtered and then concentrated until its weight is equal to ten times that of the dehydrated plant or twenty times that of the animals.

  • The granules are spheres of sucrose and lactose impregnated with homeopathy product, they are intended for drugs in any dilution. The granules are prescribed in the majority of cases because they are intended to be taken repeatedly over long periods of time at least once a day. Alcohol-free , and also more convenient to take than in liquid form, the granules are suitable for all ages.

  • Blood cells are much smaller than granules. This presentation ensures a maximum "surface effect" between the sublingual mucosa and the drug. This pharmaceutical form is prescribed most often for long-term treatments in medium and high dilutions, with spaced doses or even daily doses for a limited number of days.

  • The drops are reserved for low dilutions , ie in Hahnemannian decimals (DH). In the form of an alcoholic excipient at 30 ° in a 15 or 30 ml bottle, they are prescribed at a rate of 15 to 20 drops two or three times a day, plain or diluted in very pure mineral water.

We also offer other forms of homeopathy such as tablets, liniments, ova, suppositories or even ointments.

Which homeopathy dilution to choose?

  • Low dilution (4CH or 5CH) : in the case of acute illnesses, if the symptoms observed are few or only functional (a diseased organ). The low dilutions are also recommended to treat an organ in particular in the event of chronic disease, it is a remedy of drainage. However, they cannot be repeated too frequently, in case of chronic disease, it is advisable to switch to a medium dilution as soon as there is an improvement in the disorders. This form of dilution is to be taken every hour until the symptoms disappear.

  • Medium dilution (7CH or 9CH) : acts more deeply by causing an elimination crisis (the disorders can increase for a few hours), its action is more lasting, over several days. It is possible to renew the treatment every 12 to 15 days if the disorders have not disappeared. This form of dilution is generally taken three times a day.

  • High dilution (12CH to 30CH) : from the 12th dilution, there is no more molecule of the starting substance, therefore, it is the energy information transmitted during the dilution and dynamization that acts. The more the remedy is diluted the more it will act in depth of the organism, on the psyche. This dilution is suitable for old chronic illnesses and mental disorders.

1 DH = dilution of 1 / 10th 1 CH = dilution of 1 / 100th 1 DH is ten times less diluted than 1 CH.

  • 6 DH (Decimal dilution) is equivalent to 3 CH (Centesimal Hahnemann)
  • 10DH is equivalent to 5CH
  • 30DH is equivalent to 15CH

How are homeopathic remedies made?

Homeopathy medicines are based on three raw materials: vegetable, mineral, animal.

  • The strains of plant origin come from plantations respecting a very strict charter. The plants must be harvested by specialists in their natural habitat, far from any source of pollution, respecting the environment as well as local agricultural practices. After harvesting, the plants are brought as quickly as possible to the laboratory to be used fresh.
  • Strains of mineral origin are insoluble, to make the remedy they are then crushed in lactose. These homeopathic remedies are often available in the form of "trituration"
  • Strains of animal origin are extracted from animals, from which, for example, snake venoms, whole living insects such as bees (apis melifica) or red ants (formica rufa), hormones and physiological secretions are used. .

The foundations of homeopathy

It was in 1790 that Samuel Hahnemann, German doctor, discovered the principles of homeopathy . By translating William Cullen's Treatise on Medical Matter, he wonders about the effects of cinchona described in the book. He then decides to take this substance in high doses and notices that it triggers a fever. However, cinchona is used precisely to treat fever. From this observation, he continued his research for many years.

He therefore studied other substances: Belladonna , in which he saw produce an eruption similar to that of scarlet fever, and whose curative power in this disease is recognized by all physicians; Pulsatilla , which produced spots similar to those of measles with all the other essential symptoms of this eruptive fever of which it is the specific; sulfur , which everyone recommends as the drug par excellence in the treatment of scabies and which produces a rash similar to that caused by the presence of Acarus.

Before stating the principle of similarity: the patient must be administered a substance which, if he were healthy, would trigger the symptoms from which he is suffering.

Homeopathy: the principle of similars

Homeopathy is based on the principle of similarity which could be defined by a single sentence: " the poison is fatal for man except, if in the organism, he finds one with whom he can fight, in this case, man returns to health ” Paracelsus.

To fight a disease, a substance must be able to reproduce in a healthy organism effects similar to those caused by the same disease. To do this, homeopathy uses dilutions of mother tincture containing an active substance known for its toxin producing symptoms resembling symptoms characteristic of the listed disease.

In other words, what causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure a patient suffering from similar disorders. "Similia similibus curantur", like are healed by like!

Homeopathy in the world

  • 400,000 healthcare professionals prescribe and use homeopathy
  • 300 million people use homeopathy every day
  • 3 in 4 French people have already taken homeopathy in their lifetime

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