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How to cure a cold with homeopathy ?

The common cold is a very common infection of the nose (or more specifically the nasal cavities ) and throat , caused by a virus . Also known as viral or acute rhinitis, it can cause symptoms such as:

  • Sore throat,
  • Sneezing,
  • Stuffy nose feeling (nasal congestion)
  • Runny nose

Nearly two hundred highly contagious viruses can cause a cold. After having penetrated into the cells of the mucous membrane , they multiply there.

Here are some homeopathic remedies that can relieve cold symptoms, to be taken in 9 CH, 5 granules every hour.


Cold that starts with chills, stuffy nose and sneezing

  • NUX VOMICA : blocked nose at night with sneezing on waking and clear rhinitis, chills and chilliness.
  • STICTA PULMONARIA : sensation of blocked nose, with desire to blow your nose without result.

Cold settled with clear discharge

Settled cold with thick discharge

  • PULSATILLA : light yellow, non-irritating discharge, dry cough at night and wet cough during the day.
  • MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS : greenish discharge with pain in the pharynx.
  • KALIUM BICHROMICUM : very thick discharge, forming plugs and mucus, pain in the frontal sinuses.

Cold that lasts over time

  • DROSERA : Persistent nocturnal coughing fits, despite the fact that the cold is over.
  • SILICEA : chronic purulent discharge, yellow, sticky.
  • SULFUR IODATUM : mild rhinitis and persistent cough after a cold.

Homeopathy is a method of natural healing that aims to treat disease using natural substances that mimic the symptoms of disease. It is based on the principle of similarity, according to which a substance which causes symptoms similar to those of a disease can be used to cure it.

The common cold is a common illness that is characterized by symptoms such as runny nose , cough , fever , and fatigue . Although the common cold is generally mild, it can be very bothersome and disrupt daily life.

Homeopathy can be used to naturally cure the common cold using remedies that mimic the symptoms of the disease. For example, homeopathy can use substances that cause a runny nose to cure a runny nose, or substances that cause a dry cough to cure a dry cough.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat cold symptoms , such as Arsenicum album for watery nasal discharge and Kali bichromicum for viscous nasal discharge.

It is important to note that homeopathy does not replace traditional medical care and that it is recommended to consult a doctor in case of persistent fever or breathing difficulties. However, homeopathy can be used alongside traditional medical treatments to relieve cold symptoms in a natural way.

It is also recommended to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of contracting a cold, such as washing your hands regularly, avoiding sick people and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising. exercise regularly.

In conclusion, homeopathy can be an effective and natural treatment option for relieving cold symptoms . However, it is important to consult a doctor in case of persistent fever or breathing difficulties and to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of contracting a cold.

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