Kalium Bichromicum 200K 1000K 10000K Granules Boiron Homeopathy

Kalium Bichromicum 200K 1000K 10000K Granules Boiron Homeopathy

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Kalium Bichromicum 200K 10000K Homéopathie Boiron, medicine on sale to treat yourself naturally from our approved online pharmacy. Homeopathic strain in Korsakovian dilution 200 K, 1,000 K (or MK or 1MK), 10,000 K (or XMK or 10 MK).

Tube of 4g granules (approx. 80 granules) or tube of 1g doses.

Kalium Bichromicum 200K 1000K 10000K homeopathic granules Boiron

Approved : Aut. 0678 Listed Origin : Synthesis

Available from 3 CH to 30CH Korsakovian dilutions

Homeopathic strain in Korsakovian dilution 200 K, 10,000 K (or XMK or 10 MK)

If no improvement within 24 hours, consult your homeopathic physician.

You can order this homeopathic strain in Korsakovian dilution from the Rocal Kalium Bichromicum 200k laboratory at the best price, available in a few days at your home.

Indications and Dosage of KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K, 1000K, 10000K

Therapeutic indications: KALIUM BICHROMICUM is a homeopathic remedy commonly used in the treatment of various ailments. Its main indications include:

  1. ENT disorders: Effective in the treatment of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and otitis.
  2. Dermatological disorders: Used for skin conditions such as eczema and ulcerations.
  3. Digestive disorders: Helps relieve dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting.
  4. Joint pain: Indicated for joint and muscle pain.

General Dosage: The dosage of KALIUM BICHROMICUM may vary according to the patient's age, state of health and individual reaction. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For Adults: Take 3 granules of the appropriate dilution (200 K, 1,000 K or 10,000 K) three times a day. Granules should be dissolved under the tongue.
  • For children: Dosage must be adjusted and approved by a homeopathic doctor.
  • In case of Acute Affections: The doses can be taken more frequently (every hour or every half-hour) until symptoms improve. Then space out as symptoms improve.
  • For Long-Term Treatment: Once a week or once a month may be recommended, depending on dilution.

Important notes:

  • Dosage and frequency of administration must be adapted to each individual case.
  • It is advisable to consult a homeopathic doctor for a personalized prescription.
  • Avoid handling the granules with your fingers, and do not consume tobacco, coffee, mint or camphor immediately before or after taking the remedy.

This information is provided for information purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice.

Homeopathic medicines in Korsakovian dilution KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K in Tubes granules can be used for a variety of symptoms, so it is not possible to determine the indications and dose of a specific preparation.

The homeopathic physician selects the dilution and dosage appropriate to the patient's state of health and characteristic symptoms.

Boost Your Health with Kalium Bichromicum

Natural, effective relief: KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K is your ally for a natural approach to health. This homeopathic medicine, from homeopathic pharmacy experts Boiron, is specially designed for gentle, effective relief. With its various Korsakovian dilutions - 200 K, 1,000 K (MK), and 10,000 K (XMK) - it offers flexibility in treatment tailored to your specific needs.

A convenient format for everyone: Available in 4g granule tubes (approx. 80 granules) or 1g dose tubes, KALIUM BICHROMICUM adapts to your lifestyle. Easy to carry and use, this practical format ensures you always have your remedy to hand.

Boiron quality and reliability: When you choose KALIUM BICHROMICUM, you benefit from the expertise and quality of Boiron, a trusted name in homeopathy. Each granule is prepared with the utmost care to guarantee effectiveness and safety.

Directions for use

Twist the tube to drop the desired number of KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K granules into the cap, then place the granules under the tongue.

Do not touch homeopathic granules in Korsakovian dilution with your fingers.

Use a mint-free toothpaste (such as Homéodent BOIRON).

Packaging and contents

Tube of 4g granules (approx. 80 granules). Homeopathic strain in Korsakovian dilution

200 K, 10,000 K (or XMK or 10 MK)

Also available from our specialist homeopathic online pharmacy in Kalium Bichromicum granules tube or in Kalium bichromicum Boiron dose in Hannemannian dilutions, always in stock on our premises.

Precautions for use


Contains sacchararose. Keep homeopathic medicines KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K in Korsakovian dilution away from light, heat and moisture.

Giving homeopathic granules to babies and children

Homeopathic granules should be dissolved in 100ml of water. Granules take a long time to dissolve, so it's best to prepare your mixture in advance.

Homeopathy and pregnancy

KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K homeopathic medicines have no chemical toxicity, no contraindications, no interaction with other medicines, and no adverse effects linked to the quantity of product ingested. Pregnant women can take the product without any known risk to themselves or their unborn child, but it is preferable to seek advice.

What to do if there is no improvement within 24 hours

Certain pathologies cannot be treated with KALIUM BICHROMICUM 200K 10000K homeopathy by simple self-medication. Their severity requires medical advice from a homeopathic doctor. This doctor will judge whether your condition can be treated by homeopathy alone, or whether your treatment needs to be supplemented by allopathy.

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