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Order homeopathic medicines at Korsakovian dilutions in 30K, 200K, MK, XMK, LMK, CMK, DMK, MMK in pharmacy

The manufacture of homeopathic medicines respects the legislation enacted by the guidelines of good manufacturing practices. Our pharmacy orders and distributes medicines from Boiron, Rocal - Lehning and Weleda laboratories. These are regularly inspected by the competent French health authorities. The most common dilutions for sale are: 30K, 200K, MK, XMK, LMK, CMK, DMK, MMK.

In 1832, Dr. Simeon N. Korsakov developed a new process which consisted of reducing the concentration of mother tinctures by using only one vial.

The starting raw material is called homeopathic strain; it is of plant, animal or mineral origin. From this strain, it is necessary to practice the homeopathic dilutions, commonly called diluthèque. Each Korsakovian dilution is followed by a dynamization also called succussion.

Korsakovian dilutions are dilutions that take place in the same bottle. If a container is emptied, it can be considered that about 1% of the solution remains on the wall and if the container is refilled, a 1K dilution is obtained. The operation is repeated until the 30 K is obtained and then the dilution 200 K, 1000 K, 5000 K, 10 000 K, 50 000 K, 100 000 K

To develop a drug in the form of granules, it is necessary to impregnate these neutral granules sucrose with the impregnating liquid to obtain the final remedy.

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