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Homeopathic medicines in granules are made from active substances from the plant , animal (organic) or mineral kingdom . In a large part of the cases, the active substances thus withdrawn will be ground before being macerated in an alcohol-based solvent, then diluted a certain number of times, in order to achieve the desired dilution.

The homeopathic granules are taken at least a quarter of an hour before meals or an hour and a half after. The granules (often taken by 3 or 5) or the entire dose should be allowed to slowly melt under the tongue. The active principle then passes directly into the bloodstream.

How to take the homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic preparations, because of their great dilution with distilled water, are very sensitive to pollution, so care must be taken to handle them with care . It is recommended not to touch the granules with your fingers, but rather to use the dispenser caps.

The main thing is not to have any particular taste in the mouth at the same time (mint, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, ...), taking homeopathic remedies is ideal in the morning on an empty stomach and at bedtime before brushing. teeth. We advise, moreover, to use a toothpaste compatible with homeopathic treatments.

In infants, we can prepare in the morning a bottle of 50 ml of mineral water suitable for babies, in which 10 granules are dissolved to be given in small sips every 2 hours. Never dissolve them in milk.

You will find in this category, all the little known homeopathic strains , in the form of homeopathic granules, manufactured by the French pharmaceutical laboratory Boiron. You can order your natural remedies treatment online safely, all orders are shipped from our pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

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