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Belladonna 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 15CH 30CH Boiron Homeopathic Granules Belladonna 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 15CH 30CH Boiron Homeopathic Granules
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Our brands Essential homeopathic granules

The selection of natural remedies made by our pharmacist specializing in homeopathy is the result of long experience. This selection of essential homeopathic strains can treat the majority of health problems on a daily basis. Available in our online pharmacy at the best price, buy your usual homeopathic granules easily by using our search window or our quick order module.

Homeopathy, a popular medicine

Homeopathy being present in the medicine cabinet of more than 50% of Europeans, it is essential to know the benefits of these natural treatments at low prices. This alternative medicine has the advantage of being able to respond to sleep problems, digestive disorders, blows and bruises in the greatest number, whether in infants, children and adults, at a lower cost.

Homeopathy is a cheap alternative medicine particularly recommended for the most common diseases (angina, flu, rhino pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, etc.), as well as for holistic imbalances such as insomnia, digestive disorders, impact of menopause.
If self- medication is reasonable and economical for small everyday ailments (cramps, seasickness, etc.), a diagnosis is necessary in other cases, with a homeopath or general practitioner. It is possible to combine allopathic treatments (conventional remedies) and homeopathic medicines.

Which homeopathic dilutions to choose?

Dilutions have different actions and various therapeutic responses depending on each individual.

The dilution heights in CH (Centesimal Hahnemann) are classified into 3 distinct categories:

  • Low dilutions in 4CH and 5CH are used for acute and occasional cases, limited in time. The therapeutic action linked to low dilutions is of short duration, it will therefore be necessary to renew the doses of globules in homeopathic doses or granules two to three times a day.
  • The average dilutions in 7CH and 9CH are those which are most commonly used. They are taken as soon as symptoms appear in case of functional disorders. The treatment is stopped or the catches are spaced out when the symptoms fade or disappear completely.
  • The high dilutions in 12CH, 15CH and 30CH are used for chronic diseases, which last over time. They generally require a specific prescription from the therapist. The globules in homeopathic doses are taken once a week or a fortnight.

The many successive dilutions undergone by homeopathic remedies are part of one of the principles of this complementary medicine: infinitesimality . They are also the reason for the persistent doubt around this alternative therapeutic method.

Some health professionals report that from the 12 CH (centesimal Hannemanian) dilution, a homeopathic preparation theoretically no longer contains a molecule of the duluated strain. It could not therefore be active, except to have a placebo effect . Still, high potency homeopathic strains have been proven successful in regular homeopathy users. To date, scientific research continues to determine the mechanism of action and nothing has yet been scientifically proven.