LACHESIS MUTUS 5C 4C 6X 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C homeopathic pellets Boiron

Boiron dilutions homéopathiques Boiron dilutions homéopathiques

LACHESIS MUTUS 5C 4C 6X 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C homeopathic pellets Boiron

4g pellets (about 80 pellets).

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The advice of your pharmacist

Used for : eczema, infection, ear infections, hemorrhoids, colds, tonsillitis, sinusitis, anguish

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LACHESIS MUTUS 5C 4C 6C 7C 9C 12C 15C 30C granules homeopathy Boiron

Authorized medicinal Aut. 0678
Joined to the pharmacopoeia
30% reimbursable by Social Security
Origin: Animal
Available from 30C to 4 CH
 Dilutions Korsakovian

If no improvement within 24 hours, consult your doctor homeopath.  

Indications and Dosage Lachesis Mutus pellets

The homeopath chooses the appropriate dilution and dosage to the patient's health status and characteristic symptoms.

Use and directions for use of Lachesis Mutus tube Granules

Remove the tongue overthrow the tube Mutus Lachesis 5 C 4C 6C 7C 9C 12C 15C 30CH and slightly pull the cap.
Turn the tube to bring down the required number of granules in the cap and remove the pellets under the tongue.

Packaging and content Lachesis Mutus tube Granules

Tube translucent granules.
To eaC tube of color corresponds dilution
4CH 5CH red yellow green blue 7CH 9 green water CH 12CH 15C orange purple 30c

Weight 4g. About 80 pellets.

Precaution of use


Contains sacchararose.

Keep homeopathic medicines away from light, heat, moisture.

Leave homeopathic granules of Lachesis Mutus babies and children

For granules Mutus Lachesis 5 C 4C 6C 7C 9C 12C 15C 30CH dissolve in 100 ml of water. The granules are very slow to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare in advance your mix.

Homeopathy and Pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines Mutus Lachesis 5 C 4C 6C 7C 9C 12C 15C 30CH have no chemical toxicity or against indication or interaction with other medications or adverse effect related to the amount of ingested product. Pregnant women can heal without known risk for them and their future child, but it is best to seek advice.

What to do if there is no improvement within 24 hours

Some diseases can not be treated by homeopathy simply by self-medication. Severity requires medical advice can be delivered by a homeopathic doctor.




Lach is a homeopathic stock to use when you have the following conditions:

- Worsening of the condition by deleting everything or delay of a pathological or physiological flow (eg before menstruation, a sinusitegauche be very painful if it does not run), but also by sleep, touch, heat and constriction;

- By cons, observation of an improvement in the appearance of a physiological flow (rules) or pathological (suppuration or nosebleed).

All indications mentioned, it is recommended to consult a doctor in the absence of rapid improvement.



Lach is a strain   Homeopathic frequently prescribed:


- In case of symptoms of menstrual cycles in women such as premenstrual syndrome (a disorder that is occurring The preceding days the rules in some women, characterized by weight gain, painful swelling of the breasts, sore head, heavy legs, rash or herpes and behavioral disorders: nervousness, anxiety, aggression, emotions, depression ...), pelvic pain during menstruation (dysmenorrhea are) rules scarce, a lengthening of the interval between the rules (or spaniomenorrhea), a lack of rules more than three months occurring in a woman hitherto normally set (referred to secondary amenorrhea);

- Menopausal;

- In various disorders (which will be larger just before and during menopause) as: easy bruising under the skin, flushing, red cheeks, the fear of heat, a feeling of generalized swelling, palpitations, intolerance to touch and any constriction (especially in the neck) often forcing them to open or loosen clothing, headache (mainly localized on the left), anxiety, alternately exuberant excitement and depression, sighs, a tendency to dream of death or snakes;

- In states of severe infection and acute suppuration when found: hypersensitivity to touch, hinged pain, purplish discoloration of the affected area, and a sudden suppression of purulent discharge; - Where purple hemorrhoids, pain with swing;

- In case of allergic cold (runny nose relieved when), sinusitis (painful when the flow stops), angina (left, with swing pain, purplish throat and difficulty swallowing hot liquid ), or in the case of otitis;

- In case of disorder of mood or behavior;

- Crisis of jealousy;

- In acne   rosacea or eczema (to be hypersensitive to the touch, red, ...);

- In asthma: is compounded when falling asleep or awakening, or when stopping a flow (eg during a cold with a runny nose no longer); - In cases of sunstroke;

- In case of headache or migraine   relieved by a nosebleed.




The homeopathic practitioner selects the appropriate drug dilution and dosage appropriate to the patient's health status and characteristic symptoms.

This homeopathic medicine is to be taken without food, tobacco, coffee or mint. Granules and doses are allowed to dissolve under the tongue. In the disruption of menstrual cycles, during menopause or during menopause disorders mentioned above, two prescribing patterns are possible:

- Lach. CH 7-9 or 15-30 CH: 5 granules per day (in case of significant symptoms or severe pain) or 1 dose per week; if the pain is important: 5 granules 2 to 3 times per day.

- Or prescribe according to the technique of scale doses: 1 dose 9 CH on the 20th day of the cycle, dose 1 day 21 15 CH and 30 CH 1 dose on day 22.

In states of severe infection and acute suppuration: use Lach. of 7-30 CH, alone or in combination with an antibiotic, 5 granules 6 times a day, then the space taken with the improvement.

In hemorrhoids: Lach. 7 or 9 CH: 5 granules 6-8 times a day.

In case of colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis or otitis in their acute phase Lach. 7 or 9 CH: 5 granules 2 to 6 times per day. If chronicity (eg allergic cold) Lach. 7 or 9 CH: 5 granules 2 times per day or one dose per week.

In behavioral disorders (anxiety, sigh, alternating excitation talkative and depression, jealousy, mistrust, dreams of death or snakes) or in case of crisis jealousy Lachesis 30 CH: 5 granules morning and evening for one month .

In acne rosacea, or eczema cases: Lach. 9 CH: 5 granules per day for 3 months. In treatment of asthma: Lach. 9 CH: 5 granules in the evening; or Lach. 15 CH: 1 dose every 15 days for 3 months.

In case of exposure or if headache or migraine relieved by a nosebleed: Lach. 7 CH: 5 pellets every 3 hours, and with space for improvement.


This area of drug counseling and health in any way replace the diagnosis and the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Updated information are strictly informative. Should not in any way use this information for diagnostic purposes. We can not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of its content or the health of the reader, whether prior or subsequent to the consultation of the board cards.

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