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The online pharmacy offers a wide variety of homeopathic products to effectively treat many health problems . Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that can help treat a multitude of pathologies such as digestive disorders, anxiety, asthma, eczema, colds, sinusitis, allergies, herpes, skin problems , menopause, painful periods and premenstrual syndromes.

Homeopathic treatment relies on the body's ability to self-heal . The therapist studies a person's mental and physical reactions to illness, as well as their physical, psychological and genetic health history. Analogy is the foundation of this alternative medicine.

Homeopathy is also effective in relieving pain related to a tumor or a fracture, as an accompaniment to healing treatments. It does not cause undesirable side effects , unlike many conventional drugs. It is therefore increasingly used to soften the side effects of chemotherapy.

Homeopathic medicine also plays an important role in preventing minor ailments of the winter season , strengthening immune systems before the onset of winter cold to guard against the flu, colds, etc.

It is recommended to favor a background treatment and to analyze where the organism is most vulnerable rather than to choose a generic treatment. Athletes can also make use of homeopathy to optimize their physical capacity and fight against stress before each competition.

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The most used homeopathic granules on sale in pharmacies

Choose your homeopathy dilution in granules or unit dose in your online pharmacy:

Dilution Hahnemannienne in homeopathy : One takes a drop of Tincture-Mother which one mixes in 99 drops of solvent (alcohol usually); a certain number of jolts are applied to the bottle and the first centesimal is obtained. We take a drop of this centesimal and, by proceeding in the same way, we obtain the second centesimal; And so on.

Dilution of Korsakow in homeopathy (American process). This, more practical from a handling point of view, uses a single container, and uses the property of the walls to retain a little of the product by capillarity when the container is emptied, and successive dilutions are obtained. by alternate emptying and filling of the same container. There are correspondence tables between the two methods.

Two presentations in homeopathic treatment are particularly used in homeopathy, namely:

Homeopathic granules: These are small spheres of sugar impregnated with the active substance, and contained in tubes of approximately 75 to 80 granules. This presentation is the most used for low (4 or 5 CH) or medium (7 or 9 CH) dilutions.

Homeopathic doses: They contain globules. These are very small spheres of sugar impregnated with the active substance, contained in small tubes of approximately 200 globules. This presentation is mainly used for high dilutions (15 or 30 CH). Homeopathic preparations can also exist in other presentations drops or drinkable ampoules, triturations, suppositories, ointments,...

For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or your doctor for advice .

Homeopathic medicines with the common name BOIRON, Rocal or Weleda, frequently marketed in the form of tubes of granules and dose-globules do not bear any therapeutic indication, dosage or instructions.

These drugs have the particularity of being able to treat different conditions . It is therefore not possible to determine a specific indication, nor a precise dosage per drug. It is the health professional, the homeopath who will determine the indication of the drug and its dosage according to the patient. Nevertheless, our pharmacists give you the main and most common uses for these homeopathic medicines.

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How to choose the right homeopathic dilution?

Acute diseases: If the symptoms observed are few or only functional , medium or low dilutions (4CH or 5CH) are used. If the symptoms are numerous, if the picture is complete (accompanied by mental and functional symptoms), higher dilutions are used (9CH, 15CH). The action of low dilutions is shorter and more superficial.

Chronic diseases: Low dilutions are used to gently treat an organ; this constitutes a drainage . Once the organism has been prepared, medium or even high dilutions can be used to set up the background treatment .

The use of medium dilutions only improves for a few weeks. They regulate physiological functions.

High dilutions are used for deep and/or chronic disorders. They act in depth, their action lasts longer and act on the psyche.

From January 1, 2021, the French health authorities have chosen to de-reimburse homeopathic medicines. They will therefore no longer be covered by health insurance in French. The VAT rate for these medicines therefore goes from 2.1% to 10%, and the homeopathic laboratories Boiron, Weleda, and Lehning Rocal have been forced to revise their selling prices upwards. This leads to a significant increase in the price of this type of drug. Concerned about your purchasing power, we have chosen to reduce our margin in order to reduce the economic impact of this reimbursement.

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