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Homeopathic Granules and Doses on sale in approved pharmacy

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Hahnemannian Dilution in Homeopathy : Take a drop of Mother Tincture that is mixed in 99 drops of solvent (alcohol usually); a number of shakes are printed on the bottle and the first centesimal is obtained. We take a drop of this centesimal and, proceeding in the same way, we obtain the second centesimal; And so on.

Dilution of Korsakow in homeopathy (American process). This one, more practical from the point of view of handling, uses a single and unique container, and uses the property that have the walls to conserve by capillarity a little of the product when the container is emptied, and one obtains the successive dilutions by alternating emptying and filling of the same container. There are correspondence tables between the two methods.

Two presentations in homeopathic treatment are particularly used in homeopathy, namely:

Homeopathic granules: These are small spheres of sugar impregnated with the active substance, and contained in tubes of about 75 to 80 granules. This presentation is the most used for low (4 or 5 CH) or medium (7 or 9 CH) dilutions.

Hoemopathic doses: They contain globules. They are very small spheres of sugar impregnated with the active substance, contained in small tubes of about 200 globules. This presentation is mainly used for high dilutions (15 or 30 CH). Homeopathic preparations may also exist in other presentations drops or ampoules drinkable, triturations, suppositories, ointments, ...

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