SILICEA 5C 4C 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C 6X homeopathic pellets Boiron

Boiron dilutions homéopathiques Boiron dilutions homéopathiques

SILICEA 5C 4C 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C 6X homeopathic pellets Boiron

4g pellets (about 80 pellets).

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Used for : constipation, diarrhea, mycoses, tired, cystitis, respiratory infections

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SILICEA 4CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 5CH 7CH 30c 6DH Boiron homeopathic granules

Drug registered: EH00953 Registered on the pharmacopoeia
Origin: Mineral

Made from silica powder, Silica is a homeopathic remedy to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases. Indeed, it is not only used in ophthalmology and ENT, pulmonology, gynecology, urology, dermatology, dentistry and gastroenterology. It is also recommended in case of behavioral disorders. Silica dosage depends on the symptoms of the disease to be treated and the patient's sensitivity. However, it is mostly used in high dilution.

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Indications and Dosage of Silica granules

Homeopathic medicines SILICEA can be used in a variety of symptoms, it is not possible to determine the indications and SILICEA dose of a specific preparation.

The homeopath chooses dilution and the appropriate dosage to the patient's health status and characteristic symptoms.

Usage Tips TO SILICEA and instructions of Silica granules

Remove the tongue overthrow OF SILICEA tube and gently pull the cap.
Turn SILICEA tube to bring down the required number of granules in the cap and remove the pellets under the tongue.

It is advised not to touch the fingers homeopathic granules.

The globules of SILICEA single-dose tubes are absorbed at once by letting them dissolve slowly under the tongue. Without dose, take 10 SILICEA granules of the same dilution.

Use a toothpaste without mint (type Homéodent Boiron).

Silica and packaging capacity of the pellets

Tube translucent granules SILICEA (used to display the remaining granules).
To each tube of color corresponds to a dilution
4CH yellow green blue 9 7CH 5CH red water green orange CH 12CH 15CH purple 30c

Weight 4g. About 80 pellets.

Use caution with SILICEA


Contains sacchararose. Keep homeopathic SILICEA away from light, heat, moisture.

Leave homeopathic granules SILICEA babies and children

The homeopathic granules are dissolved in 100ml of water. The granules are very slow to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare in advance your mixture.

Homeopathy and Pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines SILICEA have no chemical toxicity or against indication or interaction with other medications or adverse effect related to the amount of ingested product. Pregnant women can be treated without known risk for them and their future child, but it is best to seek advice.

Frequency of use of homeopathy SILICEA

In acute conditions, it is advisable to take homeopathic remedies every hour until symptoms improve. Therefore, we must space out 3 or 4 times a day, then gradually stop.
In chronic conditions, the low dilution remedies (> to 9CH) will take 1 to 2 times per day, background remedies are taken 1 time per week or 1 time per month. This decision belongs to the homeopath.

What to do if no improvement within 24 hours

Some diseases can not be treated by homeopathy simply by self-medication. Your doctor will decide if your condition can be cured by homeopathy only or if your treatment should be supplemented with allopathy.


In the absence of rapid improvement, it is advisable to consuler a doctor.




Silica is a drug widely used in homeopathy. Indeed, it is particularly required in the following cases:

  • if suppuration ENT: winter colds and nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, chronic pain in the ears (otorrhées), prevention of angina winter;

  • if stye that tend to repeat themselves;

  • prevention of respiratory infections tend to return during the winter (eg chronic bronchitis);

  • in cases of chronic cystitis;

  • gynecology for vaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal mucosa), metritis (acute or chronic infection of the uterus) or salpingitis (inflammation of one or both fallopian tubes) Chronic, after failure of standard treatment;

  • in cases of acute or chronic suppuration of the skin (boils, impetigo, acne furonculeux, carbuncles, felons, skin oozing ...);

  • in cases of mycosis located between the toes and favored by excessive sweating of the feet;

  • Rheumatology: epiphysitis growth, delayed bone healing, algodystrophies, coccydynia, rickets, osteo-arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, in osteoporosis;

  • for constipation;

  • in case of diarrhea caused by malabsorption;

  • in case of pinworms (intestinal infection by a worm: Enterobius vermicularis or pinworm) with symptoms of cough, abdominal pain, sleepwalking and / or enuresis;

  • in cases of physical and mental fatigue (failure situation, trend discouragement, difficulty concentrating), where stage fright and shyness, in case of sleep disorders, if headache (with feeling head explodes, better by heat or by a tight band and a hypersensitive scalp);

  • if suppuration appearing after an antibiotic treatment, or corticosteroid therapy, or vaccination.


This homeopathic medicine is to be taken without food, tobacco, coffee or mint. Granules and doses are allowed to dissolve under the tongue.

  • ENT disorders in chronic suppurative, but also in case of recurrent styes: Silica 30 CH: 5 granules per day for 2 months and then switch to one dose per month for the next 2 months. Silica can be associated with other strains: Pulsatilla (if infection siègeant mucosal), Thuja occidentalis (if symptoms tend to recur), Natrum muriaticum or Tub. (if there is infringement of the condition, such as fatigue, weakness, ...).

  • Prevention of respiratory infections tend to return during the winter: Silica 30 CH: 1 dose per week for 4 months.

  • In chronic cystitis in gynecological disorders: Silica 30 CH: 1 dose per week for 4 months.

  • In acute or chronic skin suppuration: start with Silicea 9, 15 or 30 CH: 5 granules morning and evening, then decrease with improvements. At the end of the evolution of an acute suppuration take Silicea using the "ladder" method: Silica 9 CH: 1 dose on day 1, Silicea 15 CH 1 dose on day 2, Sil 30 CH 1 dose 3rd day.

  • In case of toenail fungus: Silica 15 CH: 1 dose per week for 3 months.

  • Indication in rheumatology: Silica 15 CH: 1 dose per week for 4 months, most often in association with Calcarea phos.

  • If constipation or diarrhea due to malabsorption: Silica 9 CH: 5 granules per day for 3 months.

  • In case of pinworms: Silica 30 CH: 1 dose per week for 3 months.

  • In case of physical and mental fatigue, nervous and shy, sleep disorders, sore head characteristic: Silica 30 CH: 1 dose per week for 3 months.

  • In case of suppuration occurring after antibiotic treatment, or corticosteroid therapy, or vaccination: Silica 15 CH: 1 dose per week for 3 months.

This area of drug counseling and health in any way replace the diagnosis and the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Updated information are strictly informative. It should in no way use this information for diagnostic purposes. We can not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of its content or the health of the reader, whether prior or subsequent to the consultation of the board cards.

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