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Are you looking for a face or body treatment, a treatment or dietary supplement organic and natural? You made the right choice!

An official online pharmacy is the opportunity to order your health products or care at the best price, without the constraint of opening hours of pharmacies, or that of having to take the car.

No medicine will be delivered outside French territory. Only available at the pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

An online pharmacy Bio 100% French 

Soin-et-Nature is a French virtual pharmacy created in November 2012. It is the digital extension of the Pharmacy Mailloles, located in Perpignan in southern France (Pyrénées-Orientales 66), famous for its laboratory of officinal preparations.

Declared at the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists, we are part of French pharmacies online authorized to sell drugs not subject to prescription (not prescription only).

Do you want to place an order on our online store? With Soin-et-Nature, you benefit from a secure payment protocol and a fast and reliable delivery service according to your choice, at home, at your place of work or at a relay point, which you have determined. Our company uses carriers La Poste, Colissimo and Chronopost, to ensure the delivery of orders online, in France, Europe and worldwide at the best prices.

For the inhabitants of Perpignan and the department of Pyrenees Orientales, I set up a Click & Collect system, allowing you to pick up your order for free in my pharmacy (after validation and receipt of e-mail). confirmation email of the order).

Find here the sitemap of our organic drugstore online

Where can I find Mailloles pharmacy? At 124 avenue Victor Dalbiez 66000 PERPIGNAN France

Natural Health Specialist 

Over the years, I gradually and naturally turned to alternative medicine to advise my patients at the counter of my pharmacy.

Strong of my university course, I found in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, sciences coupling chemistry and botany, the natural balance of the care for the pathologies and small pains of the daily newspaper.

I quickly realized that only a holistic management of the patient could lead to long-lasting therapeutic results and a permanent state of well-being.

Each patient should be treated individually, taking the time to assess their overall health.

For this, we have in the pharmacy our own herbalism and our own laboratory, where are made customized preparations based on dry plants or essential oils, such as herbal teas, fluid extracts of standardized plants (EPS), suppositories, vaginal eggs, Bach flower blends ...

All our preparations are developed in strict compliance with good preparation practices (BPP) to ensure quality, safety and perfect traceability at all stages of manufacture. All our raw materials come from French pharmaceutical laboratories that meet the standards of the French Agency for Medicines and Health Products (GMP).

Thus, thanks to our online store Soin-et-Nature, you can order all your homeopathy, oligotherapy, gemmotherapy and herbalism products easily and at any time of the day for a fast delivery to you at the best price.




Soin et Nature, Your French Pharmacy ARS Certified for Online Drug Purchase

Back to school is already here and with it, its share of everyday worries. From lice, to fatigue to the skin, here we will give you our advice to spend a smooth return to school.

Lice: Getting rid of them

In order to completely get rid of lice, you will need effective treatments, which can kill adult lice and nits.

There are two categories of anti-lice:

Vitamins to stay in shape

Back to school is an important stage of the year during which the little ones have to adapt to a new rhythm after the summer. In addition, autumn is a season when viral attacks are more frequent.

You can find in some food supplements dedicated to children,natural active ingredients beneficial for immunity and growth such as zinc, vitamin C, the group of B vitamins and the precious vitamin D ...

Managing stress and sleep for back to school

Every autumn is similar and yet there is this strange phenomenon of anxiety that is similar to the first times. Suddenly, we are destitute, like a child. We don't know where we're going or how to do it, and so we rush and do things in disaster. In addition, this stress causes difficulty falling asleep which in turn leads to an increase in stress.

To get out of this vicious circle, we offer a whole range of products dedicated to stress and sleep.

Acne: How to prevent it effectively?

Having good skin hygiene is essential to prevent acne pimples. We recommend the following:

  • Use of deep cleansing products, without using chemicals, as they are aggressive to the skin and promote the production of sebum. The ideal is to turn to treatments adapted to your skin type. Non-comedogenic care.
  • Apply a cream to cleansed and dried skin. Acne care is to be applied in the evening for increased effectiveness. What is more, the risks of pollution are thus minimized.

Autumn Hair Loss

Like plants, our hair reacts to light exposure and climatic variations. Autumn will accelerate hormonal production which can cause abnormal hair loss. In principle, this excessive fall lasts only a few weeks (3 or 4 weeks).

If you are sensitive to fall or spring falls, it is absolutely necessary to prepare for it at least one or two months before its arrival by changing your diet. Products rich in protein and iron as well as foods with high vitamins, particularly rich in vitamin B, can be very useful. In addition, a course of  targeted food supplements will help you compensate for any deficiencies that may promote the fall.

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