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Nutergia Acerol C Fatigue Reduction -€1.01 Nutergia Acerol C Fatigue Reduction
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Bioderma Atoderm Hand and Nail Cream -20% Bioderma Atoderm Hand and Nail Cream
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Amino-Chelated Magnesium NHCO Amino-Chelated Magnesium NHCO
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Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg 20 Phials Vitaflor Organic Royal Jelly 1800mg 20 Phials
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Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel Pump Bottle 1L Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel Pump Bottle 1L
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Cicamanuka IAA 15+ Moisturizing Fluid 50ml Cicamanuka IAA 15+ Moisturizing Fluid 50ml
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Baba Nutrition Detox 60 Capsules Baba Nutrition Detox 60 Capsules
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Naturfit Holistim Organic 30 Phials Naturfit Holistim Organic 30 Phials
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Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia: Natural treatments that work for children Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia: Natural treatments that work for children

[Warning: The information presented in this article on natural treatments for pneumonitis in children, such as probiotics, bramble bud macerates, and essential oil chest balms, is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Lung disease, particularly in children, requires accurate diagnosis and appropriate care by qualified health professionals. Although these natural…

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Sweat-producing plants and their role in detoxifying the body Sweat-producing plants and their role in detoxifying the body

The quest for optimal health and natural well-being often leads us to rediscover nature's hidden treasures. Among these, sweat-inducing plants occupy a special place in the field of phytotherapy and body detoxification. These plants, which have the remarkable ability to stimulate the production of sweat, play an essential role in eliminating the toxins accumulated in our bodies. In this article,…

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Natural Health Advice
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Pampers Aqua Harmonie Wet Wipes x48 -€1.00 Pampers Aqua Harmonie Wet Wipes x48
€1.94 €2.94
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Nutergia Acerol C Fatigue Reduction -€1.01 Nutergia Acerol C Fatigue Reduction
€3.89 €4.90
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Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Water Wipe x70 -€2.01 Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Water Wipe x70
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Moustifluid Organic Soothing Roll-On 20ml -€1.00 Moustifluid Organic Soothing Roll-On 20ml
€3.99 €4.99
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ARKOPHARMA FORCAPIL Keratin Shampoo 200ml -€1.00 ARKOPHARMA FORCAPIL Keratin Shampoo 200ml
€7.99 €8.99
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Soin et Nature, Your French Pharmacy Certified for Online Purchase

Your health is our priority

Are you looking for a face or body treatment, a treatment or dietary supplement organic and natural? You made the right choice!

An official online pharmacy is the opportunity to order your health products or care at the best price, without the constraint of opening hours of pharmacies, or that of having to take the car.

No medicine will be delivered outside French territory. Only available at the pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

An online pharmacy Bio 100% French 

Soin-et-Nature is a French virtual pharmacy created in November 2012. It is the digital extension of the Pharmacy Mailloles, located in Perpignan in southern France (Pyrénées-Orientales 66), famous for its laboratory of officinal preparations.

Declared at the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists, we are part of French pharmacies online authorized to sell drugs not subject to prescription (not prescription only).

Do you want to place an order on our online store? With Soin-et-Nature, you benefit from a secure payment protocol and a fast and reliable delivery service according to your choice, at home, at your place of work or at a relay point, which you have determined. Our company uses carriers La Poste, Colissimo and Chronopost, to ensure the delivery of orders online, in France, Europe and worldwide at the best prices.

For the inhabitants of Perpignan and the department of Pyrenees Orientales, I set up a Click & Collect system, allowing you to pick up your order for free in my pharmacy (after validation and receipt of e-mail). confirmation email of the order).

Find here the sitemap of our organic drugstore online

Where can I find Mailloles pharmacy? At 124 avenue Victor Dalbiez 66000 PERPIGNAN France

Natural Health Specialist 

Over the years, I gradually and naturally turned to alternative medicine to advise my patients at the counter of my pharmacy.

Strong of my university course, I found in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, sciences coupling chemistry and botany, the natural balance of the care for the pathologies and small pains of the daily newspaper.

I quickly realized that only a holistic management of the patient could lead to long-lasting therapeutic results and a permanent state of well-being.

Each patient should be treated individually, taking the time to assess their overall health.

For this, we have in the pharmacy our own herbalism and our own laboratory, where are made customized preparations based on dry plants or essential oils, such as herbal teas, fluid extracts of standardized plants (EPS), suppositories, vaginal eggs, Bach flower blends ...

All our preparations are developed in strict compliance with good preparation practices (BPP) to ensure quality, safety and perfect traceability at all stages of manufacture. All our raw materials come from French pharmaceutical laboratories that meet the standards of the French Agency for Medicines and Health Products (GMP).

Thus, thanks to our online store Soin-et-Nature, you can order all your homeopathy, oligotherapy, gemmotherapy and herbalism products easily and at any time of the day for a fast delivery to you at the best price.

Offering Premier Brands at Unbeatable Prices

Welcome to our online platform, your trusted partner for top-grade pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, offering excellent value for money. We are committed to providing a vast selection of recognized, high-quality healthcare and skincare solutions, specifically designed to cater to all skin types, promoting wellness and comfort.

The Abundance of Choices: Catering to Diverse Skin Care Needs

Whether you are in search of sun care products, self-tanning creams, moisturizers, night creams, facial masks, or hygiene products, we have it all. Regardless of your skin type, our detailed guides help you find the parapharmaceutical product that fits your needs perfectly. Our dedicated team continually updates our offerings to ensure we stock the sun protection product you need, in line with both skin and environmental considerations.

Exclusive Range: Emphasizing Quality and Variety

We take pride in our diverse range of parapharmaceutical brands and products, including micellar waters, anti-imperfection treatments (for acne-prone skin), and more specialized options to treat atopic or dry skin and numerous dermatological conditions. Our platform regularly highlights the bestselling pharma products, offering them at attractive promotional rates throughout the year.

Featuring Top-Selling Products: High Quality at Great Prices

Browse our selection and discover a multitude of acclaimed products, such as Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse, Avène thermal water, Sebium or Créaline Micellar Water by Bioderma, MAM pacifiers, or the latest beauty innovation from La Roche Posay—all available at the best prices.

Oral Health Care: Because Your Smile Matters

As a leading online pharma and parapharma provider, we offer a wide range of brands and solutions to care for your oral health. We have manual and electric toothbrushes, gum care products, and specialized toothpaste, all tailored to your specific dental health requirements.

Broadening our Horizons: Offering More than Just Human Healthcare Products

Our highly trained pharmacy team also provides a selection of veterinary medicines and care products. For those leaning towards natural medicine, we have a comprehensive array of products and treatments in homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy (essential oils), and oligoelements. Our selection of organic products offers natural solutions to improve sleep, reduce stress, alleviate muscular pain, enhance urinary comfort, or boost immunity.

Commitment: Our Pharmacists Stand by You

Our expert pharmacists are dedicated to meeting all age-specific demands. We offer an extensive range of infant nutrition products and baby care items, like baby bottles, wipes, pacifiers, and ointments. We have treatments for common infant ailments and first aid essentials. Your baby's health is your priority, and it's ours too.

Wide Array of Products: Ensuring the Best for Every Age Group

For those aiming for weight loss, we offer firming body creams, moisturizers, anti-cellulite products, and detox supplements. For seniors, we stock sleep aids, anti-wrinkle treatments, and anti-snoring devices. Men will find a large range of face and shaving care products, hair loss treatments, and specially formulated products.

Quality Assurance: Handpicked Selection by Our Pharmacists

Our team has carefully curated a selection of top-quality products and dietary supplements to boost your immune system, improve urinary and digestive comfort, alleviate heavy leg issues, or assist in tobacco withdrawal. We're available to guide and advise you on your purchases.

Safe and Secure Shopping: Confidentiality and Security Guaranteed

We guarantee secure payment protocols and offer a range of delivery options according to your preference. Our pharmacists ensure optimal safety in the online orders of medicines, providing information on dosages, possible drug interactions, and potential side effects. We assure you of the secure handling of your medical data and uphold medical confidentiality.

Providing Expert Advice and Latest Updates

Our team of qualified pharmacists shares health advice on various diseases, medications, treatments, and season-specific pathologies, keeping you updated with the latest medical and pharmaceutical news. Stay informed about the latest product innovations and our must-have parapharmaceutical offerings.




As the first snowflakes begin to cover the landscapes, the time has come to think about the moments of sharing and well-being to offer. Care & Nature,  your online organic pharmacy stands as a reliable guide in your quest for the perfect Christmas gift. Our commitment to naturalness and quality drives us to carefully select  exceptional Christmas boxes, designed to bring joy and health under your tree. Whether it is to delight an elegant woman or a well-groomed man, our products combine well-being and respect for the environment, making each choice an act of tenderness towards your loved ones and nature.

Spoil your loved ones with our sublime Christmas boxes

The magic of Christmas is in the details, and what better way to embody it than with carefully chosen gift boxes? Our selection of  women's and men's fragrancescomes from the most sought-after brands such as Nuxe, Caudalie, and Roger & Gallet. These names, synonymous with prestige and quality, ensure a gift that speaks of elegance and refinement.

Each Christmas box in our collection has been designed to spark wonder and pleasure. The captivating fragrances of our fragrances are chosen for their uniqueness and ability to create unforgettable memories. Offering a fragrance from our range means offering a rich sensory experience, enveloped in aromatic notes that awaken the senses and beautify everyday life.

But our boxes are not limited to perfumes. We have also integrated natural care and beauty products into our offer. These treasures, both useful and luxurious, are perfect for those who appreciate the simple yet refined pleasures of life. Creamy textures, bewitching scents and skin- and eco-friendly formulas make these sets an ideal choice for a  conscious and appreciated Christmas gift.

In the world of health and wellness, aromatherapy occupies a special place. At Care & Nature, we believe in the power of aromas to harmonize body and mind. That's why we've selected a range of essential oil diffusers with varied and elegant designs, which blend perfectly into your home's décor while diffusing soothing and invigorating scents.

The Puressentiel Christmas DIY aroma set is an invitation to creativity and well-being. Ideal for DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiasts, this set allows you to compose your own essential oil blends, offering a personalized and unique experience. The benefits of essential oils are numerous: they can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, or purify the air in your home.

For a touch of Christmas magic, our miniature Christmas trees with an essential oil duo and ceramic diffuser are the perfect gift. Not only do they decorate and perfume your home, but they also provide the benefits of aromatherapy. By choosing aromatherapy, you are giving a gift that takes care of the natural health and well-being of your loved ones in a subtle and enjoyable way.

Boost immunity

Winter, with its shorter days and cold air, puts a strain on our immune system. This time of year, often associated with an increase in seasonal illnesses, requires special care to keep our bodies healthy. At Soin et Nature, we are aware of these challenges and provide you with a range of products designed to boost your immunity.

Our  carefully crafted food supplements contain an optimal blend of vitamins, trace elements, and essential oils. These ingredients have been selected for their recognized beneficial properties. Vitamins C and D, for example, are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Trace elements such as zinc and selenium also play a key role in protecting the body from pathogens. As for essential oils, they are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, helping to prevent infections.

To complement the action of these supplements, it is crucial to adopt a balanced diet. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins provides your body with the nutrients it needs to effectively defend itself against viruses and bacteria. Foods such as garlic, ginger, berries and citrus fruits, are particularly recommended for their immunity-boosting effects.

In addition to diet, maintaining a regular exercise routine is fundamental. Physical activity contributes to blood circulation, making it easier for immune cells to move throughout the body. Adequate sleep is also vital. During sleep, our body regenerates and strengthens its natural defenses. Finally, stress management is an essential component, as chronic stress can weaken the immune system.

By integrating our natural products into your daily life, you are taking a holistic approach to taking care of your health. They are designed to work synergistically with your body, respecting its natural balance and contributing to overall well-being.

In short, winter doesn't have to be synonymous with sickness and fatigue. With the right tools and habits, this season can turn into a time of vitality and health. Soin et Nature is at your side in this process, offering you natural and effective solutions to accompany you during this winter period.

Winter and Osteoarthritis

The onset of cold weather and the climate changes of winter can be especially difficult for people with joint disorders such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. These cold and wet weather conditions tend to exacerbate joint pain and stiffness, making daily activities more strenuous and uncomfortable. At Soin et Nature, we are aware of these challenges and have developed a specific range of products to provide relief and comfort during these trying months.

Our selection of products for osteoarthritis and arthritis includes anti-inflammatory creams and gels that help reduce inflammation and localized pain. These products are formulated with natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and essential oils, known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. For example, ingredients like harpagophytum or turmeric, used in our formulations, are well known for their effectiveness in managing joint pain.

We also offer dietary supplements that are rich in essential nutrients for joint health. These supplements contain elements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, which help maintain cartilage integrity and improve joint lubrication. These nutrients play a crucial role in preventing cartilage breakdown and supporting long-term joint health.

In addition to topical and oral treatments, we strongly encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices. Regular, appropriate exercise, such as swimming or yoga, can help maintain flexibility and strength in the joints without putting too much strain on them. A balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, omega-3s, and anti-inflammatory foods, also plays a vital role in managing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

At Care & Nature, our commitment to natural health and well-being is evident through our selection of osteoarthritis products. By integrating our natural solutions into your daily routine, you are choosing a holistic and respectful approach to managing the challenges of winter, in harmony with your body's needs. Opting for our products means choosing a more comfortable winter and a better quality of life, despite the challenges posed by osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Cold and skin

Winter, with its cold temperatures, freezing winds and indoor heating systems, can be particularly taxing on the skin. These climatic conditions can lead to dehydration of the skin, leaving it dry, tight, and sometimes even irritated or cracked. At Soin et Nature, we understand these challenges and have therefore put together a complete range of skincare products adapted to nourish and protect your skin during these harsh months.

Our renowned partners, such as Caudalie, Sanoflore, and Nuxe, are famous for their product lines formulated with natural and highly effective ingredients. These treatments, which include moisturizing creams, nourishing serums, and restorative balms, are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the skin during the winter. Regular use is essential for restoring and maintaining the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss, and maintaining the skin's natural radiance and suppleness.

We are also proud to offer alternative skincare solutions, such as  vegetable oils, essential oils, and vegetable butters. These natural products offer a personalized skincare experience, allowing everyone to create a routine tailored to their individual needs. For example, argan oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, is an excellent choice for deep hydration and repair of damaged skin. Shea butter, known for its nourishing and protective properties, is another valuable ally in combating winter skin dryness.

By incorporating these natural and effective skincare products into your daily routine, you are taking an important step towards a winter that is gentler on your skin. Choosing Soin et Nature products means opting for quality care that respects your skin and the environment. We are committed to providing you with the best solutions to care for your skin during the winter, helping you maintain healthy, hydrated and glowing skin, even in the harshest conditions.

During this festive period, Soin et Nature is positioned as your privileged partner for a natural and healthy Christmas. Our selection of products, respectful of the environment and your well-being, is designed to meet all your needs during the winter season. From skincare to osteoarthritis solutions, aromatherapy and immunity-boosting products, we make sure to offer natural and effective options. We invite you to visit  our website to discover our full range of products. At Care & Nature, we believe that taking care of yourself and your loved ones in a natural way is the greatest gift you can give. Have a wonderful Christmas with products that enrich your life and respect nature.

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