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Discover the Arkocaps which are extracts of cryomilled medicinal plants developed by Arkopharma. The French phytotherapy laboratory Arkopharma has developed these products in the form of 100% vegetable capsules.

Arkocaps the first range from the Arkopharma laboratory

Arkogélules is a very wide French herbal medicine range, with more than 100 references capable of meeting everyone's needs. It benefits from all the innovations of Arkopharma laboratories in order to get the best out of nature. The origin of the plants is controlled for the manufacture of 100% vegetable capsules.

A controlled manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is sequential to preserve all of the plant's assets as well as the qualities. The whole total of fresh vegetables harvested at perfect ripening is therefore used in the production. The totum corresponds to the whole plant, because it brings together a multitude of active and inert components that act in synergy with each other. Some reinforce the effects of others, others correct the inconveniences or side effects of some. The composition is variable, because it depends on climatic conditions, the harvest period as well as the nature of the soil. This in no way detracts from the quality, as checks on botanical, physicochemical, etc. identification. are realized.

Here is the manufacturing process:

First of all, the harvest of the fresh, perfectly matured plant, then it will be dried. When a plant is cut, it wilts quickly and enzymatic degradation occurs. The maintenance of the integrity of the constituents as they exist in the fresh plant can only be obtained by the establishment of a suitable and rapid drying. We continue with the steam debacterization, to eliminate the presence of any bacteria while preserving the quality. Once the plant has been selected, dried and cleaned, the time has come for cryogrinding, which is a high performance process allowing all the constituents to be preserved and thus maintain their synergistic action. Finally, the packaging in vegetable capsules is carried out in a coherent approach, Arkopharma has chosen to use capsules made from vegetable fibers, from species of pine and spruce.

Plants whatever the need

  • Take care of its blood circulation with plants such as red vine, butcher's broom, cypress, ginkgo and many others. Different circulation problems exist that of the veins, the brain or the hands and feet. To recognize plants related to circulatory problems, the boxes are red.
  • Cure for urinary genes, anyone can be affected. These genes can be characterized by sensitivity to urination, frequent urination and small amounts ... Several plants can remedy the problem, cranberry for urinary tract infections, pumpkin seed for men, and others. This range of capsules will be yellow in color.
  • Fight fatigue with herbal medicine, fatigue is often due to overworking the body or the brain which can cause vulnerability. Solutions such as ginseng and spirulina are offered by Arkocaps. We will find them in the orange boxes.
  • Stress is caused by all the difficulties that people may face. To combat this, we can use plants like Rhodiola, Griffonia or other plants that are in the blue range.
  • Herbal medicine is widely used to relieve the joints in Arko we find harpagophytum and turmeric known for their benefit.
  • Winter annoyances, such as a runny nose, sore throat or cough can be taken care of by plants. Echinacea is found to take care of your immune system, thyme to relieve coughs ...
  • Natural solutions to help control cholesterol levels . We find red yeast rice and omega 3.

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