Arkocaps are extracts of medicinal plants cryobrought developed by Arkopharma, French laboratory of herbal medicine, in the form of 100% vegetable capsules.

Experts in phytotherapy in pharmacy and parapharmacy for 40 years, the Arkopharma laboratories have developed the Arkogélules® range in order to guarantee you an unequaled richness in natural active ingredients: 100% of the active ingredients of the medicinal plant for an optimal synergy of action which responds to your needs, on a daily basis.

100% of our vegetable capsules are made in France on our production and control site located in the Alpes Maritimes.

The laboratory engages with more than 50 harvesting partners, enthusiasts with whom they have only one objective: to respect, preserve and transmit to you all the intelligence of medicinal plants.

Buy organic Arkogélules at a pharmacy at the best price for natural treatment

The effectiveness of Arkogélules phytotherapy drugs rests above all on the choice of plants that go into their composition. Thanks to phyto-chemists from the French laboratory Arkopharma, it is possible:

  • to know the most interesting plant species within the same family of medicinal plants
  • accurately determine the ideal picking date in order to obtain quality plant active ingredients
  • to define the most favorable growing conditions, the best region, the best soil, the best exposure and to choose with the greatest precision the part of the most active medicinal plant.

This selection of medicinal plants is made on rigorous scientific bases. This is modern herbal medicine.

Available for sale in drugstores and pharmacies, these natural Arkogélules plant extracts are among the most used in France.
In 1997, ARKOPHARMA created the event by offering the first range of products 100% of plant origin, thus confirming its rank as a leader in phytotherapy: that year, the traditional gelatin used for the capsule shell was replaced by a natural substitute of vegetable origin: a cellulose derivative. Cellulose surrounds and protects the cells of all plants. The 100% vegetable-based capsule is completely natural and contains no gluten or preservatives. All Arkogélules are made with extracts of cryobrushed plants, a process that guarantees very high quality, naturally preserving the active ingredients for optimal assimilation.

ORGANIC, at the heart of Arkogélules®

For several years, the Arkopharma laboratory has decided to have "Organic Agriculture" certified, all extracts of medicinal plants in the form of arkogelules.

Organic formulas are rigorously certified by ECOCERT, an independent control body approved by the public authorities. This control guarantees compliance with the European regulations in force on the organic production method.

Organic farming is a mode of production that is more respectful of man and nature, which makes it possible to obtain products with proven nutritional qualities. It is a commitment to the well-being of future generations and is at the heart of sustainable development.

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