Arkogélules Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau 45 gélules

Arkogélules Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau 45 gélules

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Arkogélules Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau 45 gélules is a dietary supplement designed to reinforce water elimination functions, helping to purify your body and restore light legs.

What is Arkogélules Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau used for?

Arkogélules Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau is a natural food supplement specially designed for people who want to facilitate their body's elimination functions. With its unique know-how, Arkopharma releases 100% of the active principles of Cherry Tail, which has a synergistic action with the greatest respect for your body. Cherry Tail is used for its depurative virtues, and has been recognized in phytotherapy for centuries for stimulating the body's elimination functions.

Cherry Tail facilitates elimination functions by detoxifying the toxins contained in the body, so it can also be consumed prior to a diet in order to unclog tissues and promote weight loss. And during the diet and throughout the year, as cherry stem has a beneficial effect on cellulite.

Within the vast universe of phytotherapeutic solutions, Arkogélules® Queue de Cerise stands out as a preferred option. Designed with a formula based on 100% natural ingredients, this product delivers a multitude of benefits that transcend general well-being. The extract of Morello cherry (Prunus cerasus L.), a particular variety of cherry tree, is the mainstay of this formula. So it's no surprise that this product is the sum of a phytotherapeutic heritage that has stood the test of time.

Water detoxification and elimination

Water retention is a problem that affects many people, causing feelings of swelling and discomfort. In this context, Cherry Tail plays a crucial role. It is renowned for its diuretic properties and its effectiveness in eliminating excess fluids. This depurative action translates into a feeling of lightness and well-being, as the body is relieved of toxins and other harmful elements. In other words, Arkogélules® Queue de Cerise acts as a natural purifier, targeting the elimination of excess water in the body.

Although often overshadowed by more popular fruit trees, Griottier is nonetheless a well of unexplored benefits. It stands out for its tart fruit and the exceptional quality of its cherry stems. The latter, rich in flavonoids, are the active components finally encapsulated in Arkogélules®. Historically, Griottier is renowned in phytotherapy for its detoxifying properties and its role in facilitating the body's elimination functions. In short, it's not just a tree, but a partner in your well-being.

In the crowded field of dietary supplements, it's essential to be able to rely on a reliable source. Arkogélules® Queue de Cerise is designed and manufactured in France, a detail that is not insignificant. The rigor and quality control associated with French production add an extra layer of confidence for the consumer. This local production also guarantees that the active ingredients retain their integrity, enabling users to benefit fully from the properties of Queue de Cerise.

Wellness in all its forms

In conclusion, Arkogélules® Queue de Cerise combines French expertise with the natural power of Cherry Tail. This dietary supplement is a holistic response to water retention and detoxification problems. It reflects a generous and benevolent nature, precisely formulated to be easily accessible. In short, this product is not just another dietary supplement, but a genuine wellness tool that combines effectiveness and naturalness.

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How to use this natural depurative food supplement?

Take 2 capsules 2 times a day with meals and a large glass of water.

How long can I use Arkogélules Queue de Cerise?
For optimum results, a course of treatment lasting several days is often recommended. However, for prolonged use, it's best to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

What are the side effects and contraindications?

  • Internal use
  • Follow directions for use
  • Store in a clean, dry place away from heat, light and humidity.
  • Always keep out of reach of children
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women: seek advice from a health professional.
  • Do not use if allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • A dietary supplement is not a medicine, and cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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What is this Slimming Food Supplement made of?

  • Cherry-cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) fruit stalk powder (Totum intégral)
  • 100% vegetable capsule (cellulose derivative)

EU/non-EU origin


Queue de Cerise Élimination de l'Eau Arkogélules comes in a bottle containing 45 vegetarian capsules at the best online price.

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