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"Essential Oils - 2000 Years of Discovery aromatherapy for future medicine" Dominique Baudoux
"Aromatherapy" Dr. Valnet Publishing Maloine
"Aromatherapy exactly" Father Franchomme and Dr. D. Pénoël
"The Bible of aromatherapy" Nerys Purchon
"ABC of essential oils" Dr. Telphon
"Aromatherapy" by Nelly Grosjean
"Essential oils for your health" by G. Roulier
"Practical books aromatherapy French - Pediatrics" Dominique Baudoux "
"Practical books aromatherapy French - Dermatology" Dominique Baudoux
"Aroma-Stress" by Jean-Pierre Willem
"Aroma-Lean" by Jean-Pierre Willem
"Essential oils" by Jean-Pierre Willem
Newsletters Aroma-News of the association NARD
Journals "Health Practices"
"Aromatherapy - Heal by essential oils" Dominique Baudoux

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