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The keys to successful weight loss and optimal athletic performance

Losing weight effectively involves a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and possibly the use of meal replacements and dietary supplements. For athletes seeking to improve their performance, specific nutrition and products adapted to each stage of effort are essential. Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of slimming and sports products to help you achieve your goals.

Slimming and weight loss diets with organic natural care

Find the line thanks to the slimming treatments of your pharmacy specializing in natural remedies! The world is full of medicinal plants with complementary virtues for your specific diet to lose weight , control your weight, burn fat , drain excess water or even limit appetite on an express or long-term basis.

Among our selection of 100% natural slimming products , find detoxifying food supplements. For a slimming diet adapted to your weight loss problems, do not hesitate to contact us to choose, for example, the right slimming cream adapted to your needs.

For each order, the pharmacists check your selection and guarantee you quality items of certified origin. Find all the parapharmacy articles of major brands through a catalog of more than 20,000 references, find the solution adapted to your needs. Centralize your purchases and collect your orders at the counter of your parapharmacy or opt for home delivery to improve your well-being naturally .

Slimming solutions available in pharmacies

When you want to lose weight, refine a particular area or even improve the appearance of the skin, slimming products combined with a healthy and varied diet combined with physical activity contribute effectively to achieving the slimming objective and therefore contribute to general well-being.

Food supplements for weight loss

We have selected a wide range of slimming food supplements in different forms: vials, capsules, sticks, drinkable solutions, etc. Mainly composed of plants, these supplements of natural origin act on several levels:

  • Detox products: support the body's elimination functions
  • Drainers: fight against water retention
  • Fat sensors and burners: help with weight loss
  • Appetite suppressants: reduce the feeling of hunger
  • Food supplements for flat stomach: promote a refined silhouette

Slimming meal: an alternative to food supplements

Slimming meals are an alternative to food supplements. They provide all the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body and can be used to replace your usual meals and snacks. These meal replacements are available in various forms:

  • Drinks
  • Flexible
  • Desserts
  • Diet bars and cookies
  • ready meals
  • protein powder

These products help to activate lipolysis and the destocking of fat without reducing muscle mass. They also provide fiber, which forms a gel in the stomach and promotes the feeling of satiety, thus limiting calorie intake.

Skin care and anti-cellulite while dieting

Weight loss can lead to changes in the skin, especially in terms of firmness. To accompany you during your slimming program, we offer firming creams, anti-stretch mark solutions and anti-cellulite treatments. Accessories to reproduce the palpate-roll massage at home are also available. Finally, slimming gels for men are available to maintain their line and sculpt their muscles.

Sports nutrition and specific care for athletes

Whatever your level in sport, the use of suitable products can help improve your performance or even accelerate muscle mass gain, for those who wish, and thus support your body before, during and after exercise. Our products exist in several forms. Many flavors are available so that the daily intake is pleasant, whatever your lifestyle.

Food supplements and energy drinks for athletes

To optimize sports performance , we have selected specific food supplements, energy and recovery drinks, as well as energy bars to consume during exercise. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, we offer a range of proteins, animal and vegetable, and amino acids, including BCAAs.

Accessories and care to prevent injuries and promote recovery

To ensure that sports practice remains pleasant, our online pharmacy has selected for you compression accessories, splints and support orthoses, kinesiology and strapping tapes. These products help compensate for imbalances or musculoskeletal disorders that may hinder your sporting activity and can also be used after an injury to return to sport with peace of mind.

We also offer massage oils and gels to apply before and after exercise to prepare the muscles and promote recovery. These products help to avoid discomforts such as cramps and aches.

Foot care for athletes

The feet are often put to the test by intensive sport . To take care of it, we have selected products in the form of creams, lotions, orthoses for hallux valgus and protections for the arch of the foot.

The importance of follow-up by health professionals

Whatever your goal (slimming or sports), it is important to consult health professionals online (nutritionist, sports doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, psychologist, etc.) to benefit from support and a personalized follow-up. Our pharmacists also offer you their well-being advice in dedicated thematic sheets.

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A fulfilling and healthy sexuality

We all know it now, a fulfilling sexuality contributes greatly to the daily well-being of everyone. Whatever your tastes and your needs, the products we offer will allow you to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, to increase your performance and your endurance or to increase your pleasure.

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