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The French Filorga laboratory specializes in the sale of high performance and innovative anti-aging products .

Its expertise is made available to the general public with anti-aging treatments formulated with NCTF® and Hyaluronic Acid of medical level.

Filorga: a laboratory specializing in anti-aging

Filorga's story begins in 1978 with Doctor Michel Tordjman, this French doctor specializing in aesthetics. He is passionate and embarks on his research to have ever more beautiful skin. After a few years invested in this research on skin aging, he found a unique polyrevitalizing injectable solution capable of acting on the key parameters of skin quality. From this discovery are born the Filorga Laboratories and a range of unique anti-aging cosmetic products. Filorga was the first French laboratory for aesthetic medicine.

Medi-cosmetics, aesthetic treatments at home

In order to make this expertise in aesthetic medicine accessible to as many people as possible, Laboratoires Filorga are creating Medi-Cosmetics , a range of anti-aging cosmetic treatments formulated with active ingredients used in injections and hyaluronic acid. In their product intended for the general public, Filorga incorporates the same active ingredients as those used in injection. Hyaluronic acid, inspired by filler injections, is one of their flagship active ingredients. To provide high performance products. Filorga laboratories are constantly innovating, so that their treatments are effective for 7 days, with pleasant sensoriality.

The different ranges of Filorga products

  • Skin unify , to even out your complexion and effectively reduce pigment spots.
  • Age Purify , for simultaneously smoother and sharper skin. Formulated to address the problems associated with imperfections and the appearance of the first signs of skin aging
  • Global Repair , designed for devitalized skin which acts on all the major signs of skin aging thanks to its unique formula core concentrated in active ingredients inspired by recognized aesthetic medicine techniques.
  • Time filler visibly corrects all types of wrinkles and effectively fights the signs of the passing of time.
  • NCEF Reverse , for pro-youth action and renewed skin quality.
  • Optime Eyes , specializing in the eyes, this product with triple action dark circles, puffiness and fine lines to effectively reduce signs of fatigue and reveal a fresher and younger look as soon as you wake up.
  • Lift Structure is a range of ultra-lifting care based on active ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques.
  • Oxygen Glow is a super-perfecting agent that corrects the skin in real time and boosts radiance instantly and durably to regain beautiful skin.
  • Hydra filler, for intense hydration.
  • Pigment White, is a range of multi-corrective care that unifies the complexion, reduces dark spots and reveals the radiance of the skin to durably correct the appearance of pigmentary disorders.
  • UV bronze, are a set of sun protection products to fight against the effects of UV rays on skin aging throughout the year.
  • UV Defense is the range of anti-aging treatments dedicated to the body to hydrate, smooth and tone the skin.

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