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Ayurveda contains a treasure of practical knowledge dating back over 3000 years which can also be used successfully in our modern world. Ayurvedic Yogi Tea herbal teas are derived from traditional Indian medicine: Ayurveda. In fact, for centuries, in India, plants and their health benefits in infusion have been used to treat and prevent certain ailments.

YOGI TEA stands for delicious herbal and spice infusions made according to unique Ayurvedic recipes, inspired by ancient Indian philosophy, 3000 years old.

Ayurvedic herbal teas and infusions Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea has been for more than 40 years a brand of unique infusions of high quality plants and spices that has its roots in the 3000 year old Indian philosophy: Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of balancing body, mind and soul.

It was not until the 1960s that Yoga and Ayurveda were spread from India all over the world. It is Yogi Bhajan, forerunner of this holistic lifestyle which enables humans to live happy, healthy and conscious lives.

The philosophy of the Yogi Tea brand is to be authentic, respectful and honest. Their products are based on the Indian wisdom of Ayurveda as well as on the beneficial effects of selected and organically grown plants and spices. Along with their healthy products, the team passionately strives to do the right things the right way. This company makes every effort to ensure that their employees develop and progress in a pleasant working environment.

Professor Yogi's recipe was officially offered in Europe in 1987 under the trademark Yogi Tea. Nowadays, Yogi Tea offers more than 80 plants and spices selected and resulting from controlled organic farming which bring a unique aroma to the 44 YOGI TEA infusions, while diffusing their benefits. The range of different Ayurvedic infusions Yogi Tea offers its virtues according to the specific needs of the person: Digestion, purification, peaceful night, for winter, for women, ...

Buy your Ayurvedic Yogi Tea herbal teas with the organic label

Yogi Tea Ayurvedic herbal teas come from traditional Indian medicine : Ayurveda . In India, plants and their health benefits in infusion are used to treat and prevent certain ailments.

All YOGI TEA teas sold at low prices in pharmacies and drugstores bear the BIO label of the European Union. The production, processing and storage of infusions are strictly controlled.

In addition, the suppliers of the ingredients are certified organic agricultural companies, controlled by official ecological control bodies (IMO for example). In addition to the European organic label, YOGI TEA infusions are also recognized by several national organic labels. Yogi Tea herbal teas are made from certified "Organic Farming" ingredients and undergo strict quality controls. It's up to everyone to find the herbal tea that suits them, according to their temperament: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

With Yogi Tea infusions, yogic wisdom is found on each tea bag with a Yoga exercise on each box. Serve your Spirit. 100% organic - 100% taste!

Ayurvedic organic herbal teas Yogi Tea adapted to your needs

Relaxing herbal teas Yogi Tea

  • Yogi Tea Chaï Curcuma : Yogi Tea curcuma chai Ayurvedic Infusion is a comforting drink combining a delicious sweet and spicy aromatic blend with the wonderful turmeric root, characterized by its golden and luminous color, and with a subtle hint of cinnamon.
  • Yogi Tea Happiness Herbal Tea : Yogi Tea Happiness Herbal Tea Ayurvedic Infusion 17 Infusettes is an organic preparation for Ayurvedic infusion with spices and fruit extracts: Cinnamon , Hops and Orange Zest . This combination provides its scent and scented taste that invite you to relax .
  • Yogi Tea Instant Quietness Herbal Tea : This infusion contains Lavender essential oil which is associated with sparkling lemon balm and sweet Rooibos. It offers you an extraordinary taste experience.
  • Yogi Tea Herbal tea for the senses of happiness : An herbal tea that stimulates the senses with essential oils of refreshing lemongrass and sparkling lemon. Carefully associated with Sencha green tea and ginger, this infusion offers an extraordinary taste experience, the scent of which will delight you from the moment of preparation.

Detox Yogi Tea herbal teas

  • Yogi Tea Lemon detox herbal tea: Lemon detox herbal tea represents an Ayurvedic infusion ideal for a spring cleansing of our body.
  • Yogi Tea Detox Herbal Tea : YOGI TEA® Detox is a blend of plants and spices traditionally used for centuries to promote purification .

Yogi Tea Energizing Herbal Teas

  • Yogi Tea Positive energy tea : Yogi Tea Positive energy organic cranberry hibiscus tea contains extremely rich Assam black tea, green mate and generous cranberry berries, combined with invigorating notes of hibiscus, rose hip and lemon myrtle, making this drink a delicious, unique and invigorating infusion.
  • Yogi Tea Energy tea Green tea : Yogi Tea Energy tea Green tea Ayurvedic infusion 17 teabags is a tasty blend of plants and spices made from green tea, recognized for centuries for its antioxidant properties and its richness in vitamin C.
  • Yogi Tea Feminine Energy Herbal Tea : YOGI TEA Feminine Energy herbal tea is an enthusiastic and deliciously lively infusion thanks to fruity hibiscus, raspberry leaves and angelica root extract . These sweet spicy notes of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon gently enhance the taste of the infusion.

It's up to everyone to find the herbal tea that suits them, according to their temperament: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

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