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Discover the new range of the Synergia SIPF laboratory in your online bio pharmacy specializing in natural remedies and medicinal plants.

Synergia Complete Fresh Plants Suspensions

SIPF or Integral Fresh Plant Suspensions are obtained using the SIPF process. Patented in Europe, the manufacturing process guarantees the conservation of all the constituents as they were in the native state in the fresh plant. This process, labeled AB by Ecocert, restores the biochemical integrity of the fresh plant.

The whole (the totum) of this fresh plant is put in suspension without extraction (solvents), without filtration, without heating or drying, without enzymatic degradation. The conservation of Complete Suspensions of Fresh Plants in alcohol at only 30% improves the efficiency and speed of action compared to other galenics.
For example, the artichoke is a fragile plant whose active ingredients degrade very quickly. By blocking the degradation process immediately after harvest, the SIPF form retains its full potential for action.

Synergia offers us a whole new range of phytotherapy called SIPF (Integral Suspensions of Fresh Plants). To do this, they have set up a process that is divided into several stages. Thus we observe a mastery of the fresh plant which restores the completeness and biochemical integrity. The SIPF process incorporates ultra-pressure which helps to ensure bioavailability by recovering small particles.
Titrated at 30%, SIPF contain a little alcohol which potentiates the active ingredients of the plant and improves bioavailability .

The manufacturing process is done in 7 steps:

  • The plants used are cultivated in France.
  • The plants are picked seasonally, so they are harvested on the ideal date for it.
  • The plants are cooled to -25 ° C with nitrogen in order to block enzymatic degradation. They are then ground at -196 ° C into particles of 1 mm then 50 to 400 microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm). This is called cryogrinding.
  • The powder obtained is then mixed with water and organic alcohol and left to macerate.
  • Centrifugation takes place in order to clarify the preparation and to separate the plant powder from the liquid phase.
  • Molecular ultrapression makes it possible to dry up “the deposit”. This operation makes it possible to recover a very concentrated pure juice, to be mixed with the first juice obtained during centrifugation.
  • The SIPF thus obtained are controlled (dosage of the main active ingredients) and the alcohol concentration is adjusted in order to comply with the manufacturing charter.

Thanks to the SIPF process, the components and properties of the fresh plant are preserved in liquid form. The SIPF hydroalcoholic extracts have not undergone filtration, drying or enzymatic degradation, which allows to obtain extremely effective extracts and having a longer shelf life than other traditional dosage forms.
The many Complete Fresh Plant Suspensions from Synergia as well as the complementary natural solutions and mixtures of plants are manufactured according to the SIPF process. They ensure to buy really active and effective herbal medicine solutions.

The Synergia galenic selected for its effectiveness

Synergia has chosen to offer a range of effective herbal medicine. For this, he acquired the SIPF manufacturing patent. The interest of this process can be summed up in 3 points:

  • Control of the fresh plant by cryogenics which restores the completeness and biochemical integrity of the fresh plant.
  • Guarantee of bioavailability thanks to molecular ultra-pressure which makes it possible to recover small particles (50 microns).
  • Optimal conservation by only 30% hydro-alcoholic suspension, for better bioavailability of the therapeutic potential.

Titrated at 30%, SIPF contain a little alcohol which potentiates the active ingredients of the plant and improves bioavailability. For information, 5 ml of SIPF corresponds to 0.024 grams of alcohol per liter of blood for a 70 kg man. In accordance with public health recommendations, SIPF is contraindicated in children weighing less than 40 kg, pregnant women, and former alcoholics.

The 16 references of Complete Fresh Plant Suspensions from Synergia as well as the complementary products and plant mixtures are manufactured according to the SIPF process. They give you the guarantee of purchasing truly active and effective herbal medicine solutions.

Nutritional dosages

Taking our food supplements alone or in combination has no side effects and does not induce metabolic disturbances, even with prolonged use.

High quality raw materials

  • Capsules of marine origin, no gluten.
  • No dairy protein, no GMOs.
  • Fish oils concentrated in EPA and DHA, free from heavy metals, of EPAX standard quality.
  • Vegetable oils (evening primrose and flax) of a maximum quality level, without oxidation or pesticides, of SILVER standard quality.

A scientific committee

Most of our food supplements are formulated by a scientific committee made up of physicians specializing in nutritherapy, which are based on published and validated scientific studies. Indeed, knowledge in nutritherapy and phytotherapy , the results of new clinical studies supplement the available data every day. Such a device makes it possible to offer innovative products, by placing quality and efficiency at the heart of our approach.

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