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Extra pounds, heavy legs, cellulite ... You would like to put a cross on your unsightly bulges and you are wondering how to lose belly effectively and durably. Fat burner, drainer, appetite suppressant ... To eliminate easily, many slimming solutions exist and among them, special slimming food supplements .

Organic slimming food supplement in pharmacy

A food supplement is a foodstuff concentrated in nutrients and the purpose of which is to supplement the nutritional contribution of the diet. A food supplement has a nutritional, or physiological, beneficial effect on the body. It can be in the form of capsules, tablets, powder or even ampoules.

Be careful, however, because no food supplement is a miracle product. On the basis of this observation, it is important to emphasize that dietary supplements for weight loss are not a sufficient solution. On the contrary, they are only of interest if they are associated with a healthy diet and the practice of regular physical activity .

How to choose the right food supplement to lose weight

To choose the right slimming food supplement, it is essential to first identify the problem that slows down weight loss. Each organization is different, it will then be necessary to take this specificity into account to make a judicious choice. In addition, it is very important to choose natural assets.

Depending on their mode of action and their target, dietary supplements for slimming can be divided into 4 main categories:

  • The fat burners food supplements : Associated with a healthy lifestyle with a diet and an adapted physical activity, the fat burners aim to melt the excess fats in our body . When increasing the metabolism, the body needs more energy, which comes from the excess fat accumulated in the body. Fatty acids embedded in adipocytes come in the form of large molecules that are difficult to eliminate, which leads to the risk of obesity . Lipolysis thus makes it possible to transform these molecules into free fatty acid molecules that are easily transported by the body.
  • Food supplements appetite suppressants : A pronounced appetite at meals and small snacking cravings are not easy to eliminate, which is why appetite suppressants are particularly interesting allies in the context of a slimming diet . They are all the more valuable as the feeling of hunger is also influenced by the mind or by certain slight deficiencies of the body in nutrients. These food supplements, thanks to their nutritive properties, promote the feeling of satiety .
  • Detox and draining food supplements that help you eliminate waste from the body. Our detoxifying products are intended to strengthen the action of the body in the elimination of toxins . The drainers will help to eliminate them via their diuretic effect in particular. The liver is a major detoxification organ , used daily, it is essential to take care of it and adopt the right actions to best support its functions. Drainers: stimulating the elimination of toxins, these dietary supplements for slimming also fight against water retention. They are one of the best solutions to find a slim figure.

Which slimming food supplement to choose?

Not all slimming food supplements have the same properties. The brands have understood this well and have therefore adapted their products according to the silhouettes and metabolisms of each.

A range of slimming supplements adapted to your needs

Biocyte Slimming : Biocyte offers you an innovative and targeted slimming solution for a firmer and drier body. Extra pounds, heavy legs, cellulite ... Are you looking for a targeted slimming aid that helps you to catch up with your gaps, to calm your appetite or to drain your body ? The Biocyte laboratory offers you an innovative and targeted slimming solution for a firmer and drier body.

The Insudiet method allows the patient who commits to it to reconnect with a healthy food balance and to permanently modify habits.

Puressentiel Minceur, a range of anti-cellulite slimming treatments formulated with active ingredients of natural origin and essential oils to help firm, tone and smooth the skin.

ELANCYL Slimming Treatments from your approved online pharmacy Ars have been designed to visibly reduce cellulite and help each person to preserve a harmonious silhouette whatever their age. Constantly renewed comfort and pleasure treatments. For a cure with a respected program and enhanced effectiveness.

XLS MEDICAL , an effective solution for lasting weight loss in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, without side effects

  • XLS MEDICAL Direct Fat Sensor Direct 90 Sticks has been specially designed for the treatment and prevention of overweight and for weight control. The slimming food supplement is intended for people who have a diet rich in fat. Thanks to its formula rich in Litramine, a component based on cactus leaf fibers (patented by the manufacturer), dietary fat would be captured and eliminated by natural means, thus avoiding being absorbed and stored by the body. According to the distributor, XLS Medical Fat Binder would reduce fat absorption by 27%, increase the feeling of fullness, and improve intestinal transit.
  • XLS MEDICAL Direct Fat Sensor is a certified medical adjuvant for weight control, made from a unique and standardized complex of fibers, composed in particular of dehydrated cactus leaves. The product is enriched with essential lipophilic vitamins A, D and E in order to compensate for the reduced availability of these vitamins due to the reduced absorption of fats.

Tips for a successful slimming detox cure:

  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables with every meal
  • Prefer starchy foods and wholemeal breads
  • Drink enough water, at least 1.5 liters per day
  • Practice regular physical activity, at least 30 minutes a day
  • Promote the consumption of lean animal and vegetable proteins
  • Consume essential poly and monounsaturated fatty acids every day: vegetable oils, oilseeds, fatty fish, etc.
  • Limit the consumption of sugar and sweet products
  • Cooking simply and avoiding the consumption of processed foods and meals
  • Eat 3 main meals a day, and a snack if necessary
  • Do not snack between meals
  • Limit alcohol

You can also turn to other natural alternatives to lose weight with slimming essential oils or to fight against cellulite with gemmotherapy.

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