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Food cravings, too big a meal in sight? Who says food rebalancing often says cravings, and the temptation to fall for a fatty or sweet product is frequent. To reduce your appetite and control your feeling of hunger, discover the range of appetite suppressant food supplements in the Nutritherapy section of your online bio pharmacy.


Food supplements to suppress appetite are particularly interesting for people who want to lose weight and reduce their appetite without having to think about it. Even if a food rebalancing is always necessary in a slimming diet, the appetite suppressant capsules offer real ease of use. Composed of natural ingredients, they allow you to lose weight quickly and sustainably without feeling frustration . Appetite suppressant pills are still the best way to lose weight quickly and naturally. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

Overweight and obesity are growing pathologies, the metabolic and vascular consequences of which can be very serious. Many slimming food supplements are available at the dispensary: satiating substances, anti-sugars and anti-fats, calorie burners and drainers.

Snacking is one of the main obstacles to maintaining a healthy weight. It can show up during a restrictive diet, and often prevents you from reaching weight loss goals. Indeed, cravings relate mainly to sweet or fatty foods, which bring little benefit to the body while increasing caloric intake. Sometimes it may be necessary to take an appetite suppressant to control these snacking urges . Our online organic pharmacy offers you its selection of food supplements to help you achieve your slimming goals.

Natural supplement to reduce appetite: know how to recognize hunger

Wanting to eat and being hungry are two different signals.
Hunger arises when the body does not have enough energy, but also when the stomach is completely empty. The food from the last meal has been processed and sent to the intestines, where much of it will be absorbed by our body.

The urge to eat can occur at any time, sometimes even just after a meal. In this case, your body is sending you the wrong directions, causing you to eat when you don't need it.

How do appetite suppressant supplements work?

As their name suggests, appetite suppressants are intended to regulate your appetite as part of a slimming program. They can act in two different ways: either by promoting the reduction of appetite, or by providing a satiating effect and by increasing the feeling of satiety .

Appetite-reducing dietary supplements work directly on the part of the brain that influences your urge to eat. They inhibit the feeling of hunger by controlling certain neurotransmitters that help regulate appetite such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These moderators thus contribute to a loss of appetite conducive to slimming.

Food supplements with satiating properties act, for their part, by increasing the feeling of satiety. They are formulated with natural ingredients and rich in fiber. These are known for their ability to absorb a large volume of water to fill the stomach and reduce appetite. Very low in calories, satiating appetite suppressants limit food cravings by providing a feeling of "full stomach". In addition, their natural formulation based on guarana, konjac, caffeine or carob tree is perfectly tolerated by the body.

Natural appetite suppressant supplements to aid in weight loss

If you are wondering how to lose weight while fighting cellulite or losing belly , you can opt for a multi-action appetite suppressant. The products offered by the XLS Medical and Oenobiol brands offer you complete formulas, combining the satiogenic effect of certain plants with other actions. Some appetite suppressants have, for example, fat-burning, detoxifying or even toning properties. You will also find formulas intended to stimulate intestinal transit and others developed to help you regain shape and tone during your slimming diet.

Rich in fiber, appetite suppressants provide a feeling of satiety that allows you to reduce your food intake and lose weight effectively. Take advantage of a wide choice of formulas to find the product suited to your needs.

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