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Natural food supplements for weight loss in pharmacies

Discover our new range of natural organic slimming food supplements for weight loss in your nutritherapy section of your online bio pharmacy.

When practicing a sporting activity, you put a lot of energy on your body. Thanks to the sports supplements recommended by our pharmacists, promote your muscle growth. You will find products in the form of capsules or flavored powder for muscle development and mass gain. These are quality products suitable for intense physical activity.

For this reason, people often turn to all kinds of supplements in order to speed things up. However, although natural weight loss supplements are considered safe, some pills can cause unexpected and unpleasant side effects. It is therefore advisable to seek advice from your pharmacists, they alone will be able to guide you towards the appropriate food supplement and will help you make the right choice.

Food supplements that burn fat:

These supplements will be used to speed up the basal metabolism, which will increase energy production and burn more calories .

Fat burning food supplements are supplements that promote lipolysis . Lipolysis is the use of body fat for energy by the body. By using these fats we reduce the fat mass of the body .

This action can be done in two different ways:

  • By increasing the basal metabolism, the body consumes more energy
  • By promoting the destocking of fats , they are more easily used by the body

A fat burner will increase thermogenesis because it contains thermogenic molecules which will increase lipolysis and therefore energy expenditure . Fat burners are food supplements designed to speed up the basal metabolism. They thus promote caloric destocking and / or the activation of lipolysis in adipocytes (melting of stored fat). If we increase the basal metabolism, the body consumes more energy. The phenomenon of lipolysis makes it possible to transform the large fatty acid molecules of reserves nested in the adipocytes into small molecules of free fatty acids which can be easily mobilized by the body and whose elimination is possible.

Food supplements that collect fat:

These supplements will literally attach themselves to the lipids to prevent their assimilation and then storage, and therefore, limit the gain of extra pounds .

Fat- capturing food supplements help reduce the absorption of dietary lipids and carbohydrates and participate in weight control . They act by capturing fats and sugars and reduce the absorption of calories. The sensors support you in your daily efforts to lose weight effectively and sustainably . A fat binder will physically block the ingestion of fat. It is more precisely the lipophilic molecules which will capture them before their digestion and which will eliminate them in the stool. The purpose of these molecules is therefore to reduce the lipid and carbohydrate value of a meal.

Appetite suppressant food supplements:

These supplements are intended to reduce the appetite of people who like to snack between meals, eat at irregular times, and often crave sweet or salty. The powerful appetite suppressants have an effective action to limit the cravings to eat thanks to the dietary fibers which they release in the stomach.

Appetite suppressant dietary supplements for slimming contain fibers (mucilages) which swell in the stomach on contact with water and leave a feeling of satiety. Regular hydration maximizes their effectiveness. Appetite suppressants should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before meals or in case of hungry. To be truly effective, they must be combined with a diet and regular sports practice.

For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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