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Discover our new range of Laboratoires 3 Chênes in your organic pharmacy specializing in natural remedies. 3 Chênes solutions draw their active ingredients from the heart of plants, combining herbal medicine and naturopathy thanks to safe, effective and innovative formulations, exclusively designed in France.

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Since 1993, we have been developing “new generation” natural food and cosmetic supplements within our research and development center, dedicated to the shape, beauty and health of the whole family. Laboratoires 3 Chênes brings you naturally effective solutions to prevent and improve the discomforts caused by everyday life. The products of Laboratoires 3 Chênes are produced exclusively from natural or biological molecules to respect the metabolic functions of your organism. We choose raw materials of natural origin in order to preserve the environment and your health.

3 Oaks: the forces of nature at the service of your well-being ...

The intelligence of nature and the historical expertise of the 3 Chênes teams in the field of medicinal plants allow them today to achieve excellence in terms of innovation in micro-nutrition and bioavailability.

The 3 Chênes collaborators select for you quality natural ingredients , mainly from plants, to help you preserve your body, your beauty and your well-being in a natural way on a daily basis.

The selection of these active ingredients is part of a global ethical approach with ever more organic products, a choice of galenics favoring pure formulations , limited to the materials necessary to ensure efficiency and safety, but also eco-responsible packaging (in particular with our new ranges of bulbs).

Slimming range 3 Oaks

Find your healthy weight with 3 Chênes food supplements.

  • The 3Chênes 804 Diet slimming soup is composed of dehydrated vegetables with diuretic and detoxifying properties which participate in weight loss.
  • Resulting from the latest scientific research, 3Chênes MinciNov transforms white fat into brown fat thanks to its unique mechanism of action.
  • The 3Chênes 804 Slimming Pack Program is a complete offer in which each product has a reinforced formula that allows you to refine the silhouette while eliminating toxins causing weight gain.
  • 3Chênes Ventr'Activ contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes in order to improve the absorption of nutrients .
  • Les 3 Chênes 804 Organic Slimming Detox Booster is ideal for stabilizing your weight after a slimming diet and more particularly after a slimming program of the 804 slimming pack.
  • 3 Chênes 804 Slimming Cream is a body treatment specially formulated to reduce the signs of cellulite

Detox range 3 Oaks

Essential for eliminating toxins, purifying and renewing energy, discover the new Detox 3 Chênes range.

  • The 3 Chênes Bio Detox Liver ampoule is a food supplement based on burdock which cleans the liver by eliminating toxic substances from the body.
  • The Bio Detox Birch ampoule is an effective and ultra-concentrated combination of organic birch juice and 1000 mg of organic nettle extract to promote internal renewal, as well as fennel to facilitate digestion
  • 3Chênes Détoxlim Thermogenic Action Weight Loss has a thermogenic action that facilitates weight loss. Its formula enriched with plant extracts detoxifies the body.
  • 3Chênes Detoxlim Fat Burning Excess Fat has a high content of L-carnitine, which gives it a targeted action on fat. Its Piña Colada flavor brings intense freshness in addition to its effects
  • 3Chênes Détoxlim Smoothie Vegan Silhouette purifies, detoxifies, drains and promotes digestion. It also has hepatic and antioxidant action
  • 3Chênes Détoxlim Ultra Svelt is a new generation drainer: 1 sachet is 13 times more concentrated than a dose of classic drainer ... In addition to draining and detoxify , it will act specifically on fats and excess water, to really refine and sculpt your figure. It helps to preserve muscle mass and avoids the blows of fatigue.

Propolis range 3 Oaks

Don't let winter ruin your life. Attack it with a Propolis cure from the 3 Chênes laboratory.

  • 3Chênes Propolis ampoules are formulated with propolis naturally rich in vitamins and trace elements, honey and vitamin C.
  • 3Chênes Propolis lozenges are formulated with propolis, thyme, menthol associated with vitamin C which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.
  • 3Chênes Propolis syrup is a specific complex of propolis, acerola, thyme and peppermint essential oil. This complex supports the immune system and reduces fatigue.
  • With its specific complex of propolis, thyme and mint essential oil, 3Chênes Propolis Spray Gorge is your throat's best ally against winter ailments.
  • 3Chênes Propolis Unicadose has a complete formula that increases the body's resistance with energy and vitality.

Color & Soin range 3 Chênes

Color & care is a range of permanent coloring with plant extracts, ammonia-free, resorcinol-free, paraben-free.

The Color & Soin coloring of 3 Chênes is a permanent coloring which covers 100% of the hair from the first application, preserves and takes care of the hair. Dermatologically tested, it respects the nature of the hair, thus minimizing the risk of irritation and allergy. In addition, thanks to the vegetable proteins and essential oils it contains, Color & Soin stimulates the shine, volume and flexibility of the hair.

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