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For successful weight loss, you must first prepare your body to eliminate extra pounds with a detox cure. The detox will clean the emunctory organs, weight loss will then be faster, more effective and lasting over time.

Slimming , yes, but without fatigue! To stay in shape , maintain your healthy weight, and lose a few pounds when necessary, it is important to find the right weight loss program .

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Discover our new range of freeze-dried My Krono Nutretic products to keep fit and healthy. My Krono is a range of Nutrétic which is positioned on the axis of thinness by an adapted method but also on the axis of health by improving the nutritional balance of each. In the form of quick preparations, My Krono Nutrétic provides nutritional intake in synchronization with the biological clock.

Also rediscover, while being accompanied by your doctor, the Insudiet nutritional approach in order to allow the person to go through the successive stages which lead to a healthy diet and to acquire a new eating behavior.

Find all our advice on our blog on Simple and natural gestures to detoxify your faith . For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on our secure form .

Detox side?

If the word detox is a recent invention, its principle is thousands of years old. At all times, traditional medicines have recommended regularly "cleaning" the body to increase energy tenfold, improve the functioning of organs but also to find beautiful skin and drive off extra pounds.

Some of our organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin or lungs are said to be emunctory because they allow the elimination of toxins that have entered the body. But with our modern lifestyles (especially our diet) and the multitude of pollutants that surround us, our emunctory organs quickly reach saturation point: toxins accumulate and the body "clogs up".
Consequences: Fatigue, depression, irritability, skin problems, weight gain ... A detox cure is essential!

Detox products come in the form of meal replacements, draining drinks or slimming herbal teas. They allow the body to be purified in a natural way while helping it to slim down and eliminate excess. Used as a cure, they contribute to the elimination of toxins present in your body.

There are several categories of detox products and they do not all have the same effect. Indeed, some help to avoid digestive disorders, others allow you to fill up with vitality or promote slimming by contributing to the elimination of cellulite and orange peel skin, still others have an action beneficial for skin aging. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose between a detox drink, a herbal tea for the liver or a meal replacement to obtain a targeted action, corresponding to your expectations.

In both cases, detox or slimming cure, we will free the body from the overloads that saturate it!

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