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Fighting stress on a daily basis is everyone's prerogative. In our society, many factors are at the origin of stress such as work or family. There are different ways to overcome this problem but if you do not want to go through a medical prescription, and therefore have to resort to medication, we inform you that you can adopt a natural solution: herbal medicine.

It is not always easy to know how to relax , learn to relax, clear your mind and eliminate the stress of the day. However, there are many natural solutions to relieve stress , promote sleep and improve relaxation . Find the selection of organic products from your Soin et Nature pharmacy to help relieve temporary stress and relax you:

Stress is a natural mechanism of physiological adaptation to daily aggressions. On the physiological level, this adaptation to stress is manifested by:

  • Acceleration of heart rate as well as blood pressure.
  • Energy mobilization increased glucose consumption, gluconeogenesis.
  • Inhibition of anabolic pathways.

However, the repetition of this one is the cause of an overproduction of the stress hormone (cortisol), therefore of an imbalance of the metabolisms and of an overconsumption of energy with weakening of the reserves.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is considered to be a plant of significant power, from which multiple benefits are derived.

This plant promotes optimal relaxation.
It facilitates the onset of sleep.
This natural asset helps manage stress in the body.
It has an energizing action : sexuality, muscle gain and helps to feel more energetic.

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