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The function of sleep is to recover from fatigue in order to approach each day in full possession of its physical and intellectual resources. Many external factors, such as stress, overwork, or poor digestion, can be the cause of these sleep disorders and create problems with falling asleep, night awakenings, and insomnia.

Food supplement stress sleep bio in pharmacy

Discover our new range of food supplements to reconnect with peaceful nights and quality sleep. Because a good sleep is essential to a good physical and nervous recovery, but sometimes not easy to preserve in all the periods of the life, it can be interesting to free oneself from the traditional sleeping pills and to help oneself of the benefits of the nature. Find a good sleep with valerian and melatonin .

Stress ? In lack of sleep? Do not let overwork take over. Our expert pharmacists offer you various dietary supplements to help you fight against transient stress. Organic Hawthorn, marine magnesium ... Find calm and serenity thanks to food supplements certified by their active principle of quality.

Which dietary supplement to choose to sleep better

We are all concerned by your sleep disorders: problems falling asleep, night-time awakenings, insomnia, nights too short or even sleepless nights. Often related to stress, sleep problems can also be due to deficits in vitamins, minerals or amino acids in the body. Because'

A good sleep is essential to a good physical and nervous recovery. This is why it is interesting to get rid of traditional sleeping pills and to help the benefits of nature with 100% natural food supplements to facilitate sleep.

Which medicinal plant to choose to fight the problems of falling asleep

In order to find a restful sleep, we invite you to discover our selection of beneficial medicinal plants for a calm sleep and peaceful nights.

Plants such as St. John's wort, valerian, passionflower, lemon balm, hops and feverfew, as well as other natural substances such as GABA, 5-HTP, tryptophan, theanine and many others, promote a fast asleep and a serene and restful sleep.

Well dosed and perfectly assimilable, dietary supplements presented in the form of oral solution, ampoules, capsules or tablets will allow you to join the arms of Morpheus according to your preferences.

Choose a supplement with St. John's Wort to fight against sleep disorders

St. John's Wort, used to treat mood disorders, is also very effective in controlling sleep disorders. In addition to promoting sleep, taking St. John's Wort significantly improves the quality of sleep.

The positive effects of St. John 's wort on sleep come from its concentration of active substances. Hypercetin regulates neurotransmitter activity and mood while xanthones have a mild sedative action. St. John's wort can be taken as a course of several weeks to maximize the effects. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people with depressive and bipolar disorders. Attention, a cure of St. John's Wort should not be stopped suddenly, it is necessary to reduce the doses gradually to avoid the effects of habituation.

Choose a dietary supplement with melatonin to regulate your internal sleep clock

Melatonin helps to reduce the effects of jet lag and helps reduce sleep time. In contrast to sleeping pills, there is no addiction, addiction or side effects, as melatonin is a hormone that is already naturally present in the body. That's why using a dietary supplement with melatonin helps advance your internal clock.

For example, the Somniphyt'30 Melatonin Food Supplement of GREEN HEALTH Laboratories is a relaxing and calming agent that ensures a peaceful and quality sleep.

Choose a natural food supplement with valerian to treat insomnia and nervous agitation

Valerian combines relaxing and sedative properties. A dietary supplement with valerian as an active ingredient promotes sleep by tackling the nervousness and stress often sources of insomnia. Valerian promotes sleep and restful sleep, without creating addiction.

A special valerian-based sleep supplement can be taken daily and as a cure for several weeks. Be careful however, be careful to take valerian at the end of the day. It can cause drowsiness when taken during the day. Follow the dosage for the supplement and do not combine valerian with another sleeping pill.

For example, Valdispert Phyto Night Sleep agitated contains a high dose (450 mg) of valerian known for these properties facilitating restorative sleep and falling asleep.

Choose a natural food supplement with hawthorn to relieve insomnia

Hawthorn helps treat sleep disorders when they occur as a result of trauma or a state of significant nervous anxiety. Hawthorn, in addition to promoting recuperative sleep, has a relatively powerful tranquilizing effect.

It is the combination of the principles contained in hawthorn that makes the plant naturally effective in promoting sleep. Hawthorn as a dietary supplement for sleeping can be taken as a course of several weeks. If you have heart rhythm problems, consult a doctor before taking hawthorn. This type of dietary supplement is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Arkofluides Bio Detente Sleep ampoules are nutritional supplements that allow to find the ease of falling asleep and relaxation that promotes quality sleep.

Organic hawthorn reduces nervousness and anxiety by a hypotensive action that improves blood pressure by dilation of the peripheral vessels, is sedative on the central nervous system in cases of insomnia and acts on muscle relaxation.

Thanks to the advice of our naturopaths online, choose the food supplement to sleep better adapted to your needs ... Do not hesitate to ask advice on our secure form .

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