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Senior food supplements 

Senior food supplements

Find a selection of food supplements for seniors. Effectively fight against the small inconveniences of everyday life with effective and quality remedies.

Seniors, beware of deficiencies. Diet plays a crucial role in being healthy. Yet it is estimated that up to 78% of people over 50 will need to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals one day.

Indeed 75% of seniors suffer from deficiency of vitamin D , vitamin that the body produces naturally through exposure to the sun in particular and which helps to fix calcium on the bones. More than half of people over 65 are also lacking in calcium.

Food supplement for seniors' joints

To stop the inflammatory process and stop the breakdown of cartilage, it is better to adopt a good targeted diet and have some plants and vitamins at hand. Calcium and vitamin D are known to help fix bone cells and slow the onset of osteoporosis. For joints we put on fatty fish, wheat germ, dry lentils. Omega 3s found in oily fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel, but also in vegetable oils such as rapeseed are converted into EPA, a fatty acid that preserves cartilage and slows down the process. inflammation.

As a dietary supplement, turmeric and silica will be preferred to block the breakdown of joints.

Food supplement for the anti-aging beauty of seniors

Over time, our skin becomes less firm, less smooth. If we can not stop the effects of time we can at least delay their appearance and curb their damage. Indeed, under the influence of hormones, the production of collagen, coenzyme Q10 decrease with age. This natural parade against the misdeeds of time no longer fulfills its purpose: the skin relaxes, wrinkles are deepened. This is why the use of anti-aging dietary supplements to combat the visible signs of time is indicated: marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, coznzymes Q10, borage oil products are dietary supplements anti-aging on sale in your online bio pharmacy specializing in natural remedies.

Dietary supplement for menopause of seniors

The onset of menopause is accompanied by multiple manifestations in the elderly: weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, osteoporosis. Many dietary supplements for seniors can help you reduce these inconveniences. One can also speak of the benefits of the evening primrose for its action on the skin but also and especially in the inconveniences related to the menopause, in particular the decrease of morale, the pains related to the fluctuation of the hormones.

For more information do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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