HIFAS DA TERRA is a brand specializing in the cultivation and production of mushrooms for health: Mycotherapy. This Spanish laboratory in Galicia specializes in these products to offer effective and beneficial products for everyone.


HIFAS DA TERRA is a Spanish laboratory in Galicia, specialized in the culture and production of health mushrooms, mycotherapy.

Hifas da terra offers several range of mushroom products:

For example, Micosalud contains only organic mushrooms in high concentration (1 capsule = 15 capsules of powder or non-concentrated extract)

180 Hifas da Terra range

The 180 range , this range are used for long-term use after taking Micosalud, it is perfect for maintenance and maintenance.

SuperFood Hifas da Terra range

The SuperFood range, to complement the daily diet and provide essential nutrients

Gourmet range Hifas da Terra

A Gourmet range, with organic Hifas da Terra mushroom honeys and organic mushroom chocolates like maitaké.


Mycotherapy focuses on medicinal mushrooms as an object of research and development of nutritional products for the maintenance and improvement of human and animal health.

Our scientific team coined this term in 2006 to designate therapy with medicinal mushrooms and their fractions. Hifas da Terra's commitment to health and well-being is reflected in research in Mycotherapy and innovation with the development of nutritional supplements with high added value for the integrative treatment of pathologies.

HIFAS DA TERRA biotechnology center

Hifas da terra (HdT) is a biotechnology center focused on research and innovation with a high degree of specialization in the development of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms. This know-how, based on long experience in the applications of mycology to health (Mycotherapy), is the intellectual property of Hifas da Terra and has great economic value.

Areas of research and innovation in applied mycology:

  • Human health

  • Animal health

  • Environmental rehabilitation

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