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Benefits of food supplements to treat joint pain

93% of French people say they have already suffered from joint pain, joint disorders are most often related to age but studies carried out in recent years have revealed that the risks are also linked to other factors and are therefore increasing young people.

Whether your discomfort is chronic or acute, intense or weak, it impacts your everyday life and you are looking for a solution ... preferably gentle and natural.

How do my joints work

  • The joint is a junction area between two bones. It ensures the flexibility of the skeleton by allowing it to perform everyday movements.
  • Each of our joints is made up of flexible and strong ligaments that connect the bones in pairs.
  • The ends of the two bones that face each other are covered with a soft, slightly elastic tissue called cartilage. In some highly stressed joints, such as the knee and elbow, the cartilage is permanently lubricated by synovial fluid.

Joint pain, arthralgia and arthritis

Pain that seems to be coming from a joint can sometimes originate in a structure outside the joint, such as a ligament, tendon or muscle (tendonitis).

The real joint pain, arthralgia , can be accompanied by joint inflammation, arthritis . The most common symptom of joint inflammation is pain.

An inflamed joint may also be hot and swollen, and less often the skin over it may be red.

Arthritis may affect only the joints of the limbs or also those in the central part of the skeleton, such as the spine or pelvis. Pain may only appear with movement of the joint or be present at rest.

What are the symptoms of joint pain?

Joints can hurt more than one person. It is true that people with painful joints are keen to relieve joint pain at all costs. The food supplement will help them, as with circulation problems. To relieve your body, the first thing to do is to find the origin of the ailments.

Pain This is the first sign. It is primarily triggered by loading or by functioning of the joint. At first, it appears with movement only, giving way at rest. The pain disappears at night and does not wake up the patient except for changes in position. At an advanced stage, the pain becomes chronic.
Stiffness or limitation of joint play: it varies depending on the joint. Appearance of morning stiffness requiring a few minutes of rusting (most often less than a quarter of an hour)
Deformations and swelling The swelling is linked either to the accumulation of synovial fluid which swells the joint cavity, or to a thickening of the tissues of the joint and / or the appearance of osteophytes.
Crunches They accompany the pain. At first, they are not painful but can become painful as the cartilage breaks down.

How to relieve joint pain with a dietary supplement

To realize the importance of our joints, we must not wait for the pain to appear. Joint health is a guarantee of comfort, well-being and mobility. If wear and tear is inevitable, healthy lifestyle habits help to delay and curb it, in particular taking a dietary supplement adapted to your health situation.

How do I choose my joint food supplement in a pharmacy?

Discover our new range of food supplements for joints and bones in the nutritherapy department of your organic pharmacy care and nature. Organic joint food supplements can help you regain some joint flexibility over the long term, and reduce your pain. But how do I know which is the best food supplement for my joint pain?

  • Select quality assets : It all starts there; fine selection and integral quality control of raw materials to obtain a high quality product.
  • Plant synergy: Relevant synergies of active ingredients for optimal stimulation of the organism.
  • Extracts : Dry extracts titrated to ensure efficacy, safety and consistency of dosages.
  • Dosage : A plant, with its own properties, needs an adequate dosage to perform.

Managing joint pain with supplementation is primarily aimed at relieving pain, improving mobility and, if possible, slowing down the degradation of cartilage.

It is therefore recommended to wait 3 or 4 months before judging the effectiveness of a treatment.

Efficacy may persist for several weeks after stopping treatment.

Which active ingredient should I choose to treat my joint pain?

Choose your food supplement according to the type of joint pain

  • Chondroitin participates in the reduction of degeneration of joint tissues . Effective against pain due to osteoarthritis. Chondroitin sulfate is a molecule produced naturally by the body and which is part of the composition of cartilage and connective tissues (bone, skin, cornea, membrane of the arteries). It is synthesized by the body from glucosamine, itself synthesized from fructose-6-phosphate and glutamine. It contributes to the formation and maintenance of cartilage tissue and connective tissues (supporting tissues). Chondroitin, as a food supplement, can relieve joint pain , and even help to slow down the degeneration of these joint tissues.
  • Turmeric : The turmeric rhizome calms inflammation of the joints , muscles, tendons or chronic seizures. Associated with ginger, the stiffness of osteoarthritis and arthritis are alleviated. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is in great demand in cases of joint pain such as arthritis and by athletes suffering from tendonitis.
  • Glucosamine contributes to slowing down the wear and tear of cartilage. Helps in the prevention of painful crises. Restores the elasticity, the strength of your joints. Slows down the wear and tear of cartilage and improves mobility in people with cartilage injuries.
  • Harpagophytum soothes pain caused by joint inflammation. Harpagophytum roots are rich in glucoiridoids, harpagoside and procumbide, with undeniable anti- inflammatory and analgesic (painkiller) activities. Studies carried out over several months on subjects with osteoarthritis have shown that the use of this plant significantly improves patient comfort. Joint mobility and flexibility are significantly improved, without adverse effects, especially on the stomach.

Selected for their naturalness, their excellent dosages, their perfect assimilation and their positive repercussions on the joints, the food supplements of your online bio pharmacy combine quality and efficiency for your everyday well-being!

(Note: In 2012, European health authorities banned many of its health claims and the market for dietary supplements intended to relieve osteoarthritis has shrunk considerably.

Like glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate is an essential constituent of cartilage, ensuring its structure and elasticity. As a medicine, it is offered as capsules or granules available without a prescription. Clinical studies indicate that it helps slow the progression of osteoarthritis. The simultaneous intake of glucosamine could amplify this preventive action.

However, since 2012, European health authorities have banned dietary supplements containing chondroitin from claiming to support joint mobility, help keep knees and other joints supple and flexible, or be an important component of joint metabolism or joint metabolism. good joint health . These health claims are now banned.

Source: Eureka Santé Vidal )

Precautions for use with food supplements for joint pain

  • According to some studies, glucosamine may cause insulin resistance. Its use is therefore strongly discouraged in people with diabetes or obesity.
  • Glucosamine may increase the body's resistance to insulin. It is therefore strongly discouraged for people suffering from type 2 diabetes or obesity. Its possible side effects are heartburn and diarrhea. People with asthma or shellfish allergies are sometimes allergic to glucosamine.

  • Chondroitin sulfate is not recommended for people with hemophilia or receiving anticoagulant therapy. It is best to use it under medical supervision. Due to their high sodium content, some chondroitin sulfate products should not be used on a salt-free diet. Its side effects are the same as those of glucosamine.

  • Be careful however with diseases such as arthritis, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee or osteoporosis which must be treated by a specialist. The same goes for large cartilage problems and in particular the injection of hyaluronic acid into chondroitin: this must be treated by a doctor.

What natural solutions to heal my joints

Exercise for good joint health

Among the preventive and protective habits against joint discomfort, we recommend the practice of an adapted and regular physical activity as well as a balanced diet.

At any age, a joint needs regular mobility to function well. The practice of appropriate physical exercise without excess is therefore essential:

  • Flexibility and joint mobility : Practice exercises twice a week for at least 10 minutes (yoga, stretching)
  • Muscle strengthening : Engage your lower and upper limbs at least twice a week at intervals (cycling, aquagym, Nordic walking, gardening)
  • Balance and coordination : Possibility of regularly including movements that work on your balance (cycling, balancing on one foot, dancing)
  • Cardiorespiratory activity : 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity recommended (walking, swimming, cleaning, gardening)

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to avoid overweight , a risk factor for joint problems, but also deficiencies in vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of your joints.

When joint disorders are already there, we draw on all the resources at our disposal to find solutions. No need to look very far, our diet is full of beneficial substances to reduce in particular the inflammations that cause pain .

Adapt a good posture

Change the position of your body regularly. Avoid sitting, standing, or any other position that overloads the joints for long periods of time, such as on long trips in the car. Avoid kneeling

  • At rest, put the joints in a comfortable position: knees and hips extended; it may be more pleasant to lie down with your legs bent (resting chairs) Relaxing painful joints indeed helps reduce pain. In a sitting position, extend your legs

  • Avoid overloading the joints , which will only increase the pain. Pain is a sign of an overload on the joint. Do not carry heavy loads

  • Wear comfortable shoes, which support the foot without tightening it, for example shoes with elastic laces and thick cushioning soles. Prefer wide and low heels with the terminal edge of the bevelled heel (to facilitate the smooth running of the step).

  • Avoid shocks when walking: use shock absorbers at the heel (silicone heels), have a good insole (sole with plantar arch).

Discover our health advice article on our blog on " What natural treatment to take to treat osteoarthritis ". Whether you are an active person, an athlete or a senior, do not hesitate to seek advice from our experts on our secure form .

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