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Chondroitin in pharmacy

Chondrocytes (cells that form cartilage) when not slowed normally synthesize chondroitin and glucosamine from food glucose. With age their production decreases and the first signs of osteoarthritis appear. As chondroitin and glucosamine become less and less present, the joints become painful and stiffen. Chondroitin is an essential component of cartilage and is naturally produced by the body. It is also present in the bones, skin, cornea and membrane of the arteries. It contributes to the formation and maintenance of cartilage tissue. The role of this tissue is to ensure the retention of water in the cartilage and its elasticity, as well as the strength and flexibility of the joints .

Chondroitin sulfate associated with glucosamine sulfate is the effective anti-osteoarthritis response. It is believed that the combination of these two products improves the flexibility of the joints and enhances their elasticity. They improve the condition of people with osteoarthritis in 80% .... provided you choose your food supplement ... Some brands contain only 25% to 40% of active principles (insufficient dosage) against more than 80% For high performance products. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice

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