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Harpagophytum in pharmacy

The Harpagophytum also known as Devil's Claw is a valuable and powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-killer. Its roots are used for their content of harpagoside and procumbide. Harpagophytum is a very suitable herb that will give you more comfort, mobility and suppleness without the side effects of "classic" anti-inflammatory drugs on the stomach.

The roots of harpagophytum are rich in glucoiridoids, harpagoside and procumbide, with undeniable anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities (painkiller). The interest of harpagophytum in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism and other painful articular manifestations is now universally recognized; Studies conducted over several months on osteoarthritis subjects showed that the use of this plant significantly improved the comfort of patients. The mobility and flexibility of the joints are greatly improved without any undesirable effects, particularly on the stomach. Thus, harpagophytum makes it possible to replace advantageously conventional anti-inflammatory treatments. This plant is reputed to give good results in sportsmen (tendinitis, joint pain due to stress). The root of harpagophytum finally promotes the elimination of uric acid and, as such, is effective in the treatment of gout, where there is an inflammatory component.

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