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Weleda medicines for sustainable and natural health Weleda Laboratories manufacture and market homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines made up of raw materials of natural origin.

“Each Weleda drug results from the alliance between natural science,
pharmaceutical know-how and quality ”

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Since their creation in 1921, Weleda Laboratories have been developing a wide range of homeopathic medicines enriched with the principles of anthroposophically oriented medicine , both in the choice of raw materials and in their preparation processes.

A whole range of varied and complementary professions takes part in it: botanists, farmers, chemists and pharmacists, doctors, researchers… This specific know-how is the keystone of Weleda medicines. They are based on techniques and pharmaceutical processes that are specific to them: selecting plants from the pharmacopoeia according to demanding quality criteria, taking care of them with the tools of biodynamic agriculture, knowing how to transform them according to homeopathic processes inspired by anthroposophic pharmacy, such as manual energization, decimal dilutions and thermal stops.

A wide variety of Weleda drugs:

  • Unit and complex homeopathic medicines benefiting from registration
  • A range of family medication with homeopathic medicines and herbal medicines
  • Unit or complex homeopathic magistral preparations, produced on behalf of pharmacies

Weleda drugs for lasting and natural health

Weleda Laboratories manufacture and market homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines made from raw materials of natural origin.
They come in various pharmaceutical forms adapted to therapeutic needs:

  • oral route: granule, oral drops, oral powder, syrup
  • local route: oil, gel, ointment, cream, nasal spray
  • internal route: injectable ampoule, eye drops, suppository, ovum.

Weleda provides you with medicines without therapeutic indication:
reimbursed unitary homeopathic medicines, resulting from the Decree of 12.09.84 (eg: Arnica montana D6) or benefiting from a homeopathic registration.
single or complex magistral preparations (on prescription) developed according to the knowledge of anthroposophic medicine.

In order to meet the main health needs of the family, Weleda also offers
11 drugs with therapeutic indication, 3 mother tinctures and 1 medical device.

A range of homeopathic medicines adapted to your needs

Granules are one of the pillars of homeopathy in France. This pharmaceutical form is very well received by the public, thanks in particular to their undeniable practicality: they are nomadic, easy to ingest by children and generally better accepted by patients.

Homeopathic drops are a liquid pharmaceutical form of medicine.
Less common, this pharmaceutical form is also used for homeopathic medicines. Hydro-alcoholic solutions are used in adults and aqueous solutions in children.

Homeopathy in drops is one of the homeopathic formats offered by Weleda laboratories. Drops and mother tinctures consist of water and alcohol, and contain various diluted homeopathic strains or homeopathic complexes. The Weleda laboratory offers many mother tinctures as well as drinkable solutions that can be used in self-medication. What are the differences between traditional granules and homeopathic drop solutions? Drops have the advantage of being usable in children or in case of allergy to a component of the granules (lactose). However, homeopathic oral solutions contain an alcohol-based excipient and are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is essential to consult your doctor or your pharmacy before taking mother tinctures and other solutions in drinkable drops.

Weleda Laboratories manufacture and market homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines made from raw materials of natural origin.
They come in various pharmaceutical forms adapted to therapeutic needs.

Discover our new range of homeopathic medicines from the Weleda laboratory on sale in our organic pharmacy.

In homeopathic treatments, the effect is not the result of the final dose, but of the presence of the substance in diluted form. Shaking the preparation after each dilution helps maintain therapeutic efficacy. Treatments can be administered locally as an ointment or balm in homeopathy . Shocks, essential to the quality of the homeopathic medicine, are created during the preparation of these ointments. In general, homeopathic ointments are largely composed of vegetable, animal or mineral glycerin extracts. Extracts from natural products can be in the form of mother tinctures. The ointments also contain petroleum jelly, lanolin and water to give them a pleasant, practical and creamy consistency. Homeopathic ointments and creams are used by skin application.

With a high percentage of water, the cream allows the skin to absorb the fatty substances contained in the preparation while letting it breathe. A homeopathic cream is particularly suitable for long-term treatments, for better healing of wounds and burns, for example.

Oral powders, formerly called triturations, are made from lactose powder used to dilute insoluble substances: they are particularly useful for administering homeopathy to small children and animals.

Homeopathy can be prescribed to anyone, infants, children, pregnant women, animals, even plants. Dilutions and dosages are the same regardless of weight and age, with the exception of oral drops. For oral powders or triturations, it is generally advisable to follow the dosage of one to two scoops per dose.

For children before one year , it is also preferable to use homeopathic medicines in the form of oral powder (trituration), or in aqueous solution.
Otherwise, the drugs can be melted in a small bottle of mineral water dedicated to the treatment that will be distributed throughout the day as needed .

A wide range of treatments for the whole family

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