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How to take a food supplement for respiratory well-being

The respiratory system is made up of:

> The upper airways which allow air to access the lungs (nose and mouth, pharynx, larynx where the respiratory and digestive tracts separate).
> The lower airways: trachea - bronchi - lungs - bronchioles - pulmonary and capillary alveoli which allow true gas exchange.

The role of the respiratory system is to:
> create a gas exchange between the blood in the veins and the atmospheric air to provide the blood with the oxygen that the body needs
> expel gaseous waste, mainly by carbon dioxide

Pollution , allergies , minor colds can cause respiratory discomfort . Food supplements for respiratory well-being have antiseptic and expectorant properties which will have a favorable effect on the respiratory tract .

Puressentiel Respiratory to purify the air and eliminate bacteria

The natural answer to facilitate well-being and fight against the inconveniences of winter, seasonal sensitivities. Smart gestures for a serene winter!

- Gesture N ° 1: clear the nose: Easy with the formula of the Puressentiel Respiratory Hypertonic Nasal Spray which cleans, moistens and unclogs the nose in a few minutes!

- Gesture N ° 2: from the first cold ... switch to friction! Ideal for bringing comfort and promoting well-being, Puressentiel RESP OK® Pectoral Friction 100% of natural origin is to be adopted from the first cold. And for toddlers (from 6 months), the baby pectoral massage balm is a gentle caress to provide a warming and soothing massage on the skin.

Arkopharma The perfect association between scientific innovation and naturalness

A sudden change in temperature or an arctic cold has targeted your throat? What if you favor a ' soft power ' approach? In other words, based on a few plants and vitamins duly selected.

Duoflash Respiratory Comfort (Nose & Throat) is a food supplement specially formulated to help you breathe more freely . It is particularly recommended when the seasons change.

Thanks to its unique know-how, Arkopharma offers you a formula of plant origin combining plants and essential oils in 2 patented technologies : the CAP in CAP and the DR CAPS capsule. The perfect association between scientific innovation and naturalness!

Arkopharma Flash'Rub is a food supplement based on plants, vitamin C and minerals which acts on the nose, throat and respiratory tract.

In winter, our body is subjected to multiple attacks. To escape the annoyances of winter and preserve the respiratory tract, nothing like top immune defenses thanks to a diet rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Activox Arkopharma Tablet to suck is a medical device specially formulated to protect the mucous membrane and relieve sore throat, dry cough, irritation or allergy.

Breathing Food Supplement in Pharmacy

Are you looking for a food supplement that can take care of your health during the winter season? To free and tone the respiratory tract, and to immunize your lungs and prevent inflammation of the bronchioles during the extreme cold, opt for food supplements based on vitamins and plant extracts. Discover our new range of food supplements to improve your respiratory well-being, facilitate breathing, soothe the throat and promote proper functioning of the respiratory tract.

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