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Buy your Synactifs food supplements in organic pharmacy

In a societal context of longer working life, aging in good health becomes a real issue. An intelligent consumption of food supplements would therefore help to preserve our health and to age better.

SYNActifs experts are masters in the art of formulating and synergizing the best actives from the 5 sciences:

  • Vitamins
  • Trace elements
  • Plants
  • Amino acids
  • Essential oils

The expertise of SYNActifs laboratories is based on a broad understanding of the problems that each person will encounter during their lifetime, a perfect knowledge of the properties of each active ingredient used and on the accuracy of their dosage to ensure a response adapted to each need.

SYNActifs laboratories also focus their research on the creation of innovative galenics at the service of the consumer but above all on the properties of the active ingredients for optimal efficiency.

Experts in Synergistic Research at the service of your health: The IPF action

The IPF concept "Immediate, Prolonged and Basic Action" to act optimally on the symptoms but also the causes of each problem

  • Immediate Action : An unprecedented combination of active ingredients to offer the best thanks to amino acids, highly concentrated plant extracts, micro-encapsulated essential oils, trace elements and vitamins
  • Prolonged Action: A combination of active ingredients and a galenic allowing a controlled and prolonged release of active ingredients thanks to the exclusive technology of microencapsulation of essential oils
  • Basic Action: A combination of the best active ingredients to act on underlying disorders

The Synactifs range adapted to your needs

Food supplements Synactif GREEN

  • CIRCActifs CIRCGreen Circulation Bio SynActifs is a food supplement which helps reduce the feeling of heavy legs thanks to the red vine.
  • MAGNActifs MAGNGreen Organic Magnesium SynActifs is a food supplement against fatigue, it specially formulated with natural active ingredients.
  • SUNActifs SUNGreen Protection Solaire is a food supplement formulated from highly concentrated organic active ingredients : plants, minerals and vitamins.
  • SYNactifs CapActifs is a vegetable and organic solution for the health of your hair and nails. A combination of dry plant extracts, brewer's yeast and vitamins.
  • DynActifs DynGreen is the organic and vegan vitality supplement from SynActifs laboratories. The formula Synactifs DynActifs DynGreen offers a natural 360 ° action based on plants, essential oil benefiting from microencapsulation and vitamin technology.
  • Capsules MelActifs Bio Synactifs contain melatonin naturally present in organic alfalfa and organic chlorella plants. This prolonged-release melatonin helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep in the event of minor sleep disturbances.
  • SynActifs RespiActifs RespiGreen is a synergy of microencapsulated essential oils (and therefore better assimilated), vitamin C and dry thyme extract.
  • TuxiActifs Bio TuxiGreen is a naturally formulated cough syrup that contains chamomile known to help soothe coughs and soften sore throats.
  • ZenActifs Bio stress is a food supplement, in the form of capsules, based on organic rhodiola helps to adapt to temporary stress and to reduce the negative impact of stress.

Synactif ACTIVE dietary supplements

  • Dynactifs Tonus is a natural food supplement composed of dry plant extracts, trace elements, vitamins and essential oils.
  • SYNACTIFS FERACTIFS Bioavailable Iron is a food supplement containing a combination of active ingredients and an innovative galenic allowing to bring a basic action thanks to the Bioavailable Iron and Copper.
  • OROActifs Natural Sore Throat Spray is a 100% natural spray . It consists of honey, propolis, plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins.
  • Synactive somactives is a natural food supplement composed of amino acids, dry plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils and marco-elements to find restful sleep and reduce fatigue.
  • The antiviral SynActifs is a food supplement based on plants, essential oils, trace elements and vitamins in the form of vegetable capsules. This synergy aims to increase the resistance of the organism.
  • Synactifs Hair & Nails CapActifs contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the properties of nails and hair.
  • ChromActifs by SYNACTIFS , the food supplement that contributes to blood sugar levels in the body and to energy metabolism.
  • Circ Actifs by SYNACTIFS , the food supplement that restores lightness when feeling heavy legs.
  • SYNACTIFS DERMACTIFS Beautiful skin preserves and maintains the natural youth of your skin, it preserves it from the signs of aging thanks to Astragalus.
  • Digestactives digestion of Synactifs laboratories contributes to digestive comfort as well as elimination thanks to fennel. Synactifs laboratories innovate with the synergistic search for the best active ingredients to provide efficient and rapid solutions.
  • Synactifs Flexactifs improves appearance, pigmentation, strength and stimulates hair growth.
  • Immunactifs de Synactifs is a food supplement that contributes to the normal functioning and maintenance of the immune system (Vitamin C, D3, Copper, Zinc). It helps protect cells against oxidative stress

Synactifs commitments

  • Quality : Our experts create unique formulations by selecting and assembling quality active ingredients that have demonstrated their benefits on the body. Our goal is to provide the body with the ideal supplement with a synergistic and effective combination of nutrients essential for its proper functioning over the long term.
  • Efficacy : The correct dosage of the active ingredients associated with the innovative DR Caps galenic allows a prolonged release of the active ingredients which pass through the gastric acid of the stomach unlike other gelatin-based capsules. This new technology therefore allows an optimal supply and good bioavailability of the active ingredients present in each capsule.
  • Safety : We select the best possible active ingredients, favoring natural ingredients. Our DR Caps are vegetable for optimal efficiency. We do not test any product on animals.

"Synergy commonly reflects a phenomenon whereby several actors, factors or influences acting together, create an effect greater than the sum of the expected effects if they had operated independently, or create an effect that each of them would not have. could obtain by acting in isolation "

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