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Anti Allergy Food Supplements

Discover all of our new range of food supplement Allergie in the range Food supplements of your online pharmacy bio to naturally and effectively treat your respiratory allergies, cutaneous or food.

Allergy is an abnormal reaction of the body's immune system against foreign elements (allergens) that are wrongly identified as dangerous.

This allergic reaction, also called hypersensitivity, can occur in different parts of the body: in the respiratory tract ( respiratory energy ), on the skin (skin allergy ), in the eyes ( allergic conjunctivitis ) or in the digestive system ( allergy food ). Symptoms vary according to where the allergy occurs but the most common are eczema, allergic asthma, urticaria, allergic rhinitis and anaphylaxis.

To deal with these allergies, antihistamines and / or corticosteroids are often prescribed for their effectiveness but they sometimes have side effects. If you are looking for a natural solution to accompany the fight against your allergies, in addition to a current treatment, consider natural dietary supplements. Our expert pharmacists have selected allergy-free food supplements combining high naturalness, excellent manufacturing quality and efficiency. Drinkable solutions, nose sprays , capsules, lozenges, tablets and concentrated macerates of buds offer you a wide choice of all natural solutions. Learn how to tame your respiratory, skin or food allergies with confidence.

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