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Organic silicon is a natural component that plays an important role in the health and beauty of our body. Yet most of us are unaware of the importance of this mineral in our daily lives. Remedies containing organic silicon are a great way to improve your health and well-being . Here are some reasons that should encourage you to adopt them.

First of all, organic silicon is essential for the health of our bones and joints . It strengthens ligaments, tendons and cartilage, helping them to function optimally and withstand daily wear and tear. By taking remedies containing organic silicon, you can thus avoid joint pain and osteo-articular diseases.

Then organic silicon is also essential for the health of our skin, hair and nails . It strengthens and hydrates them, helping them to look younger, brighter and stronger. Remedies containing organic silicon can thus help you improve the appearance of your skin, strengthen your hair and strengthen your nails.

Finally, organic silicon is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight free radicals and the harmful effects of oxidative stress. By taking remedies containing organic silicon, you can thus strengthen your immune system and protect your body against diseases and the harmful effects of aging.

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Silicon also contributes to improving the resistance, the flexibility, the elasticity of the muscles and tendons but also of the articular zones (bones and cartilage) by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Disorders of joint mobility and flexibility are among the signs of a lack of organic silicon and often of poor assimilation of calcium .

Organic silicon, a physiological element of blood and tissues, contributes to the assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and to the synthesis of vitamin D which is also useful for fixing calcium.

Silicon is a trace element found in the body as well as in certain foods of plant origin. Although it is not one of the so-called essential trace elements, it is an important element for the immune system and for maintaining good bone health .

Characteristics of silicon :

  • Non-essential but important trace element for the body
  • Found in mineral water and foods of plant origin
  • Fixes calcium and fights against bone demineralization
  • Organic silicon is used to relieve various ailments mainly bone, joint and skin

Why eat silicon-rich foods?

Benefits of silicon: Fixes calcium Silicon plays a role in fixing calcium , we find in particular silicon in the osteoid border where the bone is built.

Participates in immunity: There is a high concentration of silicon in the thymus, an essential organ of the immune system . It also plays a role in the production of antibodies.

Fight against osteoarthritis: It would seem that silicon taken in addition to a balanced diet has a positive effect on people with osteoarthritis .

Silicon and hair: Organic silicon participates in the structuring of connective tissues and skin appendages (skin, nails, hair). Silicon would stimulate the production of keratin and thus allow to keep hair in full health.

In summary, remedies containing organic silicon are a great way to strengthen your body and feel better about yourself. They are simple to take, natural and inexpensive, and can help you improve your health, beauty and well-being. So why not adopt them today?

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