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PurOligo are irradiated natural trace elements

They are obtained by the electro-catalytic dissolution of metals in purified water, resulting in the formation of ions of these metals. This gives them a high degree of biological assimilation.
Vials of trace element PurOligo have several advantages:

  • The ionized form: their ion-kind "surrounded" by water molecules are "ready to use" because the metal in ionized form is capable of activating an enzyme.
  • The carrier of PurOligo trace elements being water, they are directly assimilated unlike trace elements related to chemical or solid carriers.
  • The lack of toxicity: Their concentration never exceeding the nutritional intake, there is no risk of toxicity.
  • Energizing: The PurOligo trace elements are energized during the manufacturing process with a Vortex-magnet process.

PurOligo are indisputable catalysts personally involved in various cellular synthesis and regulations necessary to maintain life.
PurOligo contain no alcohol, lactose, gluten, synthetic dyes, parabens or benzoate or sulphites.
Among the trace elements ionized PurOligo, you can find the main ionized trace elements (chromium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, selenium, silicon, zinc ...) but also trace elements ionized less known as molybdenum, boron .

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