PurOligo Copper Gold Silver Oligotherapy

PurOligo Copper Gold Silver Oligotherapy

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PurOligo Copper Gold Silver Oligotherapy is a product used in adults as a terrain modifier, particularly during the convalescence phase of infectious diseases and asthenic states.

Sore throats, colds, fatigue… How can you better resist winter infections? By strengthening its natural immunity and fighting against stress. Trace elements can help you with this.

What is PurOligo Copper Gold Silver Oligotherapy used for?

Puroligo Copper Gold Silver is an ionized solution combining the properties of colloidal gold, copper and colloidal silver. Copper Gold Silver from Catalyons laboratories is an ionized solution combining the properties of these 3 trace elements which act as a natural antibiotic and strengthen the immune system .

Aging or dietary imbalance create a lack of trace elements . These, as small as they are, are necessary for the proper functioning of the body and act, among other things, on the reinforcement of the immune system , sight, memory or hormones . In particular, the trace element Copper Gold Silver helps fight against fatigue , stress , colds , depression , body aches and infectious diseases .

How to use PurOligo Copper Gold Silver Oligotherapy

A dose of 5 to 10ml, 1 to 3 times a day
Throat: gargling
Skin: in compress

PurOligo copper or silver for prevention: in the morning, alternate every other day one intake of the copper-gold-silver trace element mixture with one intake of the manganese-copper trace element mixture; in the evening, take a shot of the trace element sulfur. And this for three weeks a month for three months.

In treatment: opt for three daily intakes of trace element copper and one intake, in the evening, of trace element bismuth, for ten days.

If your fatigue is the result of recurrent infections, your remedy is the trace element mixture PurOligo copper gold silver.

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Composition Copper Gold Silver PurOligo

Concentrations: Colloidal silver (12mg/L), Copper (3.5mg/L), Colloidal gold (0.15mg/L)

Precautions for use

As a precautionary measure, the use of this product should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the constituents.


250ml / 500ml bottle

Diathesis IV of Menetrier

The advice of your expert pharmacist

L'Or Collpïdal: Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory. Known since Antiquity for its antibacterial properties, gold is a universal material and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Gold also helps increase energy and libido, motor skills, sports performance and visual acuity. It is noted that gold can also have calming and soothing effects. Used for a long time to combat joint pain.

Copper: A trace element essential to life. The human body contains copper in the liver, muscles and bones. It is carried by the blood. Copper is involved in immune function and against oxidative stress. It facilitates the assimilation of iron and helps it to transport oxygen.

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PurOligo are ionized natural trace elements

They are obtained by the electro-catalytic dissolution of metals in purified water, resulting in the formation of ions of these metals. This gives them a high degree of biological assimilation.
Vials of PurOligo trace element have several advantages:

  • The ionized form: Catalyons, by their nature of ions "surrounded" by water molecules, are "ready to use" because the metal in ionized form is capable of activating an enzyme.
  • The carrier of Catalyons being water, Catalyons are directly assimilable unlike trace elements linked to chemical carriers or in solid forms.
  • Absence of toxicity: Since their concentration never exceeds the nutritional intake, there is no risk of toxicity.
  • Dynamization: Catalyon trace elements are dynamized during the manufacturing process by a Vortex-Magnet process.

PurOligo are indisputable catalysts that personally intervene in the various cellular syntheses and regulations necessary to sustain life.
PurOligo does not contain alcohol, lactose, gluten, synthetic dyes, parabens, benzoates or sulphites.
Among the PurOligo ionized trace elements, you can find the main ionized trace elements (chromium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, selenium, silicon, zinc, etc.) but also lesser known ionized trace elements such as molybdenum, boron .

Anergy or diathesis IV (Copper-Gold-Silver)

The approach, recognition, definition and evolution of diatheses are intimately linked to the study of trace elements and to the progressive discovery of the physical conditions that determine the catalytic properties of these elements.

This anergic diathesis is crucial because it clearly marks the difference between functional states and lesional states, while at the same time it shows the relationships and the need for early and effective therapeutics to avoid non-recourse degeneration.
This anergic diathesis is exceptionally constitutional. It reflects a brutal, almost accidental, insidious, truly pathological evolution.
It involves most of the causes of imbalance and artificial aging of the living organism and poses the problem of a disease of civilization.

Some symptoms related to diathesis IV (Copper-Gold-Silver)

  • Recurrent acute or subacute infections, especially cocci, including recurrent staphylococcal infections.
  • Ear infections and repeated angina especially marked in childhood.
  • Frequent cystitis.
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Unexplained, periodic temperature accesses.
  • RAA (Acute Articular Rheumatism).
  • Viral affections.

Seyle's discoveries and his school highlighted the importance of "adaptation syndrome" and "stress", that is, physiological maladjustments.

Sources: Doctor Jacques Ménétrier (medicine of the functions), Michel Lenglet (Formation in Osteopathy biosynthesis), Formation Heilpraktiker (CERS)

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