Marine Plasma 

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Marine Plasma

Marine plasma is a seawater that is deeply collected in a place that is protected from pollution, treated with precise protocol to filter it, sterilize it without altering it, and lined with pure water. It is not a medicine, but a nutritional supplement, which is now disseminated by different laboratories under various names: "sea water", "marine plasma", "marine serum", "marine solutions" ...

It is found in ampoules under two formulas. "Isotonic", it presents no contraindication and can be taken by all. Particularly recommended for the elderly, it rebalances the blood pH and regenerates the body. One can test its benefits with a cure of a ampoule in the morning on an empty stomach for twenty days. The "hypertonic" formula is nearly four times more concentrated than isotonic and should be taken sparingly.

Nasal spray can also be tested, the concentration of sodium chloride is the same as the body fluids, or the seawater creams produced according to an original recipe. Ecological, they are very close to the living and adapted to the skin for facial care, circulation, relaxation or muscular tonicity, joint relaxation, bruises, sleep ...

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