oligotherapy Oligosol 

Order the Oligosol drugs from labcatal laboratory, French specialist in medical oligotherapy

Discover our new range of Oligosol in your online bio pharmacy. Oligosols are particularly indicated in the treatment of functional disorders. Dieting, relief of muscle pain or infectious conditions, treatment of allergic symptoms ...

For more than 50 years, the vocation of the LABCATAL laboratory has been to develop Oligosol drugs from the physiological mineral elements constituted by trace elements (or trace elements). This originality is the specificity of LABCATAL and the therapeutics it offers to the medical profession and patients.

The research carried out by LABCATAL concerns the fields of general medicine, dermatology, cosmetics and nutrition. It is based on the natural richness provided by Oligosol trace elements , and opens up to all therapeutic areas where trace elements have an essential role.

More than half a century entirely devoted to trace elements, LABCATAL has developed a real know-how and also today, the desire to make known.

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