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Borage in Pharmacy

Common names: borage, bread-of-bees, tongue-of-beef.
Botanical name: Borago officinalis , family of boraginaceae.
French name: borage .

Parts used: aerial parts, flowers, oil from the seeds.
Habitat and origin: originating in Syria, this annual plant has long been cultivated in Europe and North America. It is sometimes naturalized in old vegetable plots or along country roads.

Borage oil has exceptional qualities. Very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is one of the best sources of omega 6. It is used by the oral or cutaneous route and is often associated in duo with the oil of Onagre

You can use Borage oil when:

  • Your cycles are irregular.
  • You have premenstrual pain
  • Your skin is dry or even presents a field of eczema
  • Your skin lets appear wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks

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